Send us a pic, or a link?


Pretty much like this


Low and slow. I love my Weber’s, smokers, grilling etc. low and slow is the key! Anyone interested can check out the stockpot kitchen/ pit crew bbq on Facebook/instagram. Bros resteraunt, but I’ve learnt everything I know off him


I’ve never smoked in a gas pizza cooker.

You could invest in a small device ‘amazensmoker’ I think they are called, google will help. Fill with pellets and get some smoke going in your pizza oven. You can test it out with a small envelope made of foil, which is easy.

The meat will only take on so much smoke, so 0-3 hours of smoke is probably max you need, and the oven can do the rest, assuming it can stay at a low consistent temp.

I’ve found Pellets are easiest to use for this method as they light easy, stay smoky, and deliver quite a bit of smoke.

Then again, it’s gas, so not sure how that will work. Don’t think you’ll ever get the real deal unless you use a conventional Weber type bbq or a smoker. But I do smoke fish in my gas Weber Q, which is awesome.


Is it a cold smoker? That’s what use and any container will work.


So, it was only a matter of time…the quantity of beer was inversely proportional to the quality of the cook up.

My pit man needs a refresher course on how to tend the pit.


Did a brisket yesterday on my gas grill. Just made smoke packets with wood chips wrapped in foil and placed directly on burner. Worked a treat.


Got a smoker for Xmas, keen to get it fired up. Will probably have a crack at a brisket this week.

I’ve done brisket in the oven, but never in a smoker. Any tips/smoke suggestions from those in the know would be most appreciated.


Best tips. Have fun with it for starters. Allow for lots of time. Get some beers going.

Get a great meat thermometer. I have one which is from Weber, I think it’s an igrill, which cost about $150. I know it’s a lot, but worth it.

Aaron Franklin tells you how to do it in these videos.

This site also has a lot of info on the science of smoking.

Don’t freak out at the ‘stall’ just ride it through until it’s done.

Don’t open the smoker unless you absolutely need to.


Franklin BBQ was amazing. Wish I could get back to Austin to get some more brisket. Totally worth the wait in line.


Also, what smoker did you get?


Summer really is the best BBQ and salad weather.


Thanks gang, spent a fair chunk of my shift last night watching vids and trying to learn some stuff. Seems the consensus is to just get in there and have a bash and find out what works and what doesn’t.

@tinhillterror it’s a jumbuck charcoal grill with offset smoker. Reviews on it seems pretty good. Just need to put the thing together now… :roll_eyes:


Get Bloodstained_Devils to help. He likes assembling things.



It actually wasn’t too bad for a flat pack.


What is this ‘salad’ you speak of, what animal does it come from?


Lol sounds like it is some type of weird weather pressure system to me.


I made Ajiaco with a pack of frozen criolla potatoes.
Turned out as good as the Ajioca I had in Bogotá.

You have too use criolla IMO. I wouldn’t use the tinned or jarred spuds.

Got em from a Latin grocery store.

If you really want fresh spuds maybe try contacting green harvest.

They know a lot about spuds and can maybe recommend a substitute. Maybe the ‘pink eye’ spud from tassie?


When your trying to lose weight, salad becomes your friend.


I was trying to get criolla a couple of years back. Where did you get them, by the way? Caca Iberica, or the one out in Deer Park (used to be La Morenita in Sunshine)?