Was when I was in Sydney at the time years ago. But I’d give Ibérico a go.

Contact. [email protected] they are the importers and distribute to Melbourne.


There’s not much that beats home made sausage rolls on a Sunday eve …

Except maybe the choice of Cheese & Onion, Cheese and Bacon, … Curry or Plain home made sausage rolls on a Sunday eve…

I think this lot was the best ever, … not least thanks to “The Great Ocean Road” Vintage Tasty.

Good stuff it is.


Have you used it yet mate?

Their not the best, the metal is very thin and they leak a fair bit but their fine to learn on. Get some gasket sealer or heat rope and seal it up though so you don’t get leaks. Much easier to control temp

Get yourself a digital temp gauge too to monitor ambient temp and the temp of what your cooking. The gauges on the hoods can often be out by up to 50 degrees. I use the igrill2, it’s brilliant


hot tip.

cook your steak in coconut oil and salt.


Reverse sear is my favourite way to cook a steak. Can’t beat it


I love Coconut Oil, but it can impart too much of its own flavour on steak.
I use this stuff…


nice looks good. woolies or coles?


Coles only last time I checked.


Best stuff for cooking proper chips in too, … but fkn dear for that quantity.

Best idea is to buy a few kilos of beef fat from the Butcher, … or get it for nix, (well an occasional slap of home brews) from a mate, and render it down yourself.


Frying a steak, or browning some mince requires only a small amount.
Deep frying chips on the other hand, then no, it’s not cost effective at all.


Yeah had a crack about a week and a half ago with a brisket. Used a basic salt and pepper rub with hickory chips. Tasted great but was a little tough for brisket, but happy with it for a first run.

You’re right though, it’s quite leaky. Patched up some leaks with some high heat silicon and going to use split logs next time to try and get more consistent temps. Also picked up a maverick et732 thermo to keep a better gauge of my temps.

Had a ball with the first cook. Been watching and reading lots of stuff and trying to learn as much as I can. I can see myself getting right into this…


I cooked my first Brisket on Saturday on my new Fornetto smoker, came up perfectly. The thermometer is definitely the key, I got the Maverick ET735, just sit on the couch and check temps on my phone.

I Did a pork shoulder a couple of weeks ago, 11hrs cooking but worth every minute. Pulled pork tacos were great.
Thinking beef short ribs this weekend.


Problem with smoking is the huge clouds of meat, couple kilos of pork shoulder for a few tacos…

Might do some chickens tomorrow on the rotisserie for fun.


the dream


I’m into the slow cooker.

Pork belly tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


works well


Did these beef ribs today.
3hr smoke, then into a pan with some beer and another 3 hours in the oven. Reason being the smoker temp has been all over the place lately, then today it held firm like a ■■■■. Anyway wanted to test this method, and my ovens ability to keep a decent temp.

Not sure I like this technique. Didn’t render the fat as much as I’d hoped, and whilst they were moist, they held a lot of fat and almost too rich to eat…almost!

These were grain fed from costco, great quality. And toad tested them head to head with some Coles ones, which were very meh.

One of these days I’m going to buy that Wagyu eye fillet and give it a go.


Not the best pic, but smoked chicken wings today for lunch. Done over ironbark and black wattle for 1hr 45, then basted with some homemade spicy bourbon BBQ sauce and finished under the grill. Came out super moist and tasty.


bit of brisket yesterday


You’re not a vegetarian, are you?