60 day dry aged grass fed BBQ Tbone. Goes well with a glass of red…


Boom! Philly Cheesesteaks!! Oh yeap!!!

In all their greasy glory. The photo doesn’t do them justice.


One question, …



Lol its there, mostly melted, under the thin layer of veggies on top.


Been doing this Adam liaw dish a bit lately. Good break sometimes from meat and fish protein dishes. Awesome smell fills the house when it’s cooking. It’s in the oven now…



That’d go alright with a nice Scotch Fillet.


Haha yes good match bsd!


Sounds interesting and straight forward.


Yes super easy


Steak tonight



I love all Japanese food, mate, but wagyu tops the list. And great to see that you treated the meat with respect by cooking it perfectly.

What are you washing it down with? A nice red, I trust.


I reckon there are times… and this would be one of them… when a crisp dry white goes beautifully with beef.


Actually had a beer this time as we were heading out to the sandy evening. Wagyu is super easy to cook well :


Slow cooked 2kg Aussie lamb shoulder on the Weber (tonight). First time cooking a shoulder. 5 hours (including resting time).

Washed down with a 2015 Montes Alpha Cab Sav (drank the Penfolds last night). The missus & little fella said that it was magnif. I really enjoyed it as well. You can see the smoke infused pink rings in the meat (I’d run out of wood chips, but found some cedar in the garden shed at the last moment & threw a few chips on). Reserved the juicy fat goodness & made a gravy.


Looks delicious


Thx, mate.

2kgs was too much for the three of us. I carved it up & distributed the remaining meat to my neighbours (BBQing is rare in Japan - especially in urban areas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). My way of apologising for smoking em out. And promoting Aussie food. :wink:

Cheers for replying.


I wonder how that would have gone over. I notice on Iron Chef that they often mention masking the (disgusting) smell of lamb. It’s weird, they eat all of this stinky fish then complain about the lamb.


How did the neighbours like the lamb you cooked?