A couple of pics of today’s effort, just for you JR. A little bit of brisket…


Oh, so you’re the “kent” that everyone on this site is always referring to.

It was doing my head in.


Yeah. I get the feeling I’m not well liked the way my name gets bandied around this joint.


I know you’ve got going on right now, with the climate change denial, decline of the Australian Test team, wide ranging suite of traffic aggressions and being Donald Trump, but if you could find the time could you return Jobe’s Brownlow?



Holy smoke. You have outdone yourself, man. I haven’t seen a brisket looking that good since I last visited a Baird Beer taproom. Lovely smoke infused rings and looking mighty juicy as well. I’m gatecrashing your joint the next time I am in town. Thx for sharing, bast*rd. :laughing:


B*stard? The proper term is ‘kent’.


Can you post a link to a suitable probiotic powder?


Mate, for a piece of that brisket, I will call you whatever the hell you like. :wink:


Bend for a Friend, … Risk it For a Brisket, … :wink:



I used this one for my latest batch, though it was half price when I bought it a week ago.
It’s got a shiteload of beneficial bacteria…


Cool thanks. I can make ricotta at home, so I think I could also make the soft cheese and curd from fresh goat’s milk to go in this.


Wow I don’t have that talent. I got lazy and bought holy goat curd.



Mmm, bacon!!


Proper homemade bacon (cured with pink salt, smoked etc) is about a million times better then anything you buy.

Now I want to make some more!




That’s a big bagel…or is it a donut?


Maltese rooster ring





At home, hahahaha