Send me the recipe. Help a sista out.


You got cash?


I’m good for it!

My mum would kill for FTIRA. Kill.


When I get to a pc and have a sec, I’ll pm you :+1:


What is a Maltese Rooster ring?


Now i’m hungry.


That looks scrumptious @Deckham


Something Reboot has been fantasising about.



Deckham is Maltese

Change rooster to clock without the L.


Sorry I asked!


Pulled pork, best one yet


Little bit too much of a close up that one.

For a second I thought it was an arthroscope photo of a knee operation or something. :smile:


I know you know a thing or two about surgery, but if your knee surgery looks like that RUN!! Or crawl as fast as you can.


I am blessed by having a wonderful wife who does 99.9% of the cooking so any abilities I may once have had, are now mostly a memory.
I have finally decided it is time to rectify that and I am starting today to have a crack at smoking beef (not an analogy :wink:)
I have a gas pizza oven that I am using. Figure if I get decent at it I can justify buying a charcoal smoker or similar.
Seeing as I am just starting out with this smoking business, does anyone have any tips or links to good info to help a complete newbie out?
If it doesnt end up as dog food I might post a pic later…




Both have heaps of info, tips and recipes.

There’s also heaps of stuff on youtube, just search what you wanna cook.

I’ve done a bit of smoking so feel free to send me a pm and I’ll help you out if I can.


Thanks mate. Appreciate the info and offer.
Biggest issue so far has been keeping the temp low enough. No real way to govern it other than gas on lowest setting and even then it’s sitting about 30c above what I was hoping for (according to what Ive read)


I was wondering how you’d go with your choice of apparatus I must say.

Googling seems to indicate some have achieved it though.

Goog search


thats a different kind of goog search right there.


A touch over 4 hours for a 1.2kg piece of chuck steak with a bourbon rub, apple wood chips and 1st 2 hours with steam added via an aluminium tray with water placed in the back corner.
The bride is rapt with the result, as am I.
Only pic I took is about 2 hours in…

Bl00dy happy with the outcome for a 1st timer.

Next week I’ll have a go at a pork shoulder I think.

Got some solid shed time in as well while it was cooking.


pork shoulder really lends itself to slow cooking/pressure cooking. a staple for carnitas.