It’s just hard to find outside the Vic market, even in the non halal butchers near me


I did a pork shoulder roast recently and used some left overs to make a sweet and sour stir fry. Fried pork, carrot, zucchini and apple topped with crackling, golden syrup, lemon slices, desiccated coconut and passion fruit.


Boston Butt, is the cut you want.

Costco has them for 25-35 bucks, it’s got the bone in, skin off. Aside from getting that Berkshire (?) stuff, it’s as good as anything standard.


Yep, I always use left-over roasts for stir-fry :slight_smile:


my local butcher does it, and usually has fair prices on it. maybe ive lucked out with them, can always get good cuts of meat or ask and they’ll be able to provide.


I can get it, but it’s a hassle. Depends on the population of the area I’ve found. If there’s a large Asian population it’s easy. My area is higher in Italian/Greek/Lebanese/Turkish so much harder.


Decided to have another crack at it. 2 butterflied chooks. One thai chilli and lime and the other one garlic and herb.
Got the bug after yesterday’s success

Here’s the pizza oven I’m using (with a little help from Fletch)


That is an interesting way to cook wagyu. He is a ridiculous chef, so knows a thing or two. I cook Wagyu once a month or so and follow similar rules as normal steak. These are:

Buy the best possible grill pan, best is cast iron and my favourite is staub. Has higher rivets than other pans, which makes a big difference. I would love a charcoal grill that can have the height adjusted.

As Tetsuya said, have the meat at room temperature. Wagyu marbling will actually glisten and be like butter almost at room temperature. Use the best possible salt and pepper you can. Freshly ground pepper is a must. Don’t put these on too early otherwise they draw the moisture out. I don’t use oil, Wagyu has enough fat and it will not stick. Also you need to be careful with garlic because if it burns it becomes bitter. Maybe the brown garlic is his intention in order to cut through the fat.

For cooking, I love the crust so disagree with the master there. I do agree about handling it carefully. For cooking it should not be too rare i.e. blue because the marbling will not have rendered and it should not be overcooked. I find medium rare is perfect. Finally let it rest obviously. I also dont think it needs any sauce or condiments as it has the most beautiful flavour. I once saw someone drown a David Blackmore 9+ scotch fillet in mushroom sauce. I was horrified, and don’t see the point of spending that kind of money if you are going to put sauce on it like that.

Also the best wine for mine with it is either an aged cabernet or a grenache/syrah rhone. I find it does not need the big shiraz, not to say those don’t work either.

I go to a place called Kaz Wagyu in blackrock for the 9+, but my local butcher has started selling 6 score for a much more reasonable price.


Anyone running a Kamado Joe or similar?

Getting ulgraditis, might move on from the automated Traeger pellet smoker to the big daddy.

(Subject to financing, fricken costly)


Translation?? :thinking:


dude wants a new smoker cos he has upgraditis, hows that need a translation?


I have one of these Trager, pellet smoker…

But should i get on of these…kamado style smoker.


Ahh, gotcha, … you’ll be envious to know (I spose?) that a fella I built an outdoor rec area / pool house for last year has two of those babys, …

One Black, & one Red as it happens.

I had to build the kitchen area in it around Them, everything else came second, … they seemed very important to him, and now I might know why.

Shooter / meat lover smokes all his own stuff, etc, … even had an industrial slicer ffs!

I think you’d get along rather well together.:wink:


Hoping to redo the back half of the house. These things are expensive, but better spent on this than a high end European oven.

I’ll be doing the same as that bloke, I’ll let you know if we need a quote!


One of my mates had one and it made a hell of a brisket. He bought it second hand, drove all the way from Melbourne to Sydney to pick it up.


I had a bit of lamb leg action yesterday.


Love it!!!

I’ve decided to get a Kamado Joe, but at 100kg, it needs to wait until we renovate.

Counting my pennies from now on.


I didn’t realise they were that heavy. That’s getting up there in Saad weight. It’ll be awesome when you get it.


How was it, mate?


It was super. Thankfully. I’m only new to this so still getting a feel for getting the temp right. It cooked a bit faster than I was hoping for but it’s pretty forgiving so all good.

Can’t wait for the next one!