(For the Vegos, either of these dishes would be easy with a meat substitute)

so, this is how Colombians bbq, definitely would be banned at Bunnings.
Starts with a brioche hot dog roll, nothing to fancy for the meat, just a little smoky pork sausage. Topped with lightly cooked onions, topped with mayo, mustard, tomato sauce. And then…the mystery topping…crushed potato chips!!! Amazing!

So this was ‘finger food’ and it was awesome, basically 3 types of sausage/hotdog/chorizo. Chopped with potatoes that were already boiled in Coke! Grilled with some basic herbs and spices. Had a great little chipotle mayo dipping sauce too. Simple, tasty, went well with beer.


I whipped up this vego feast tonight. It was a little flavourless but good on the calorie side of things.


I hope you waited for it to cool down before eating it :stuck_out_tongue:


But, … I like Flavour, … :no_mouth:


■■■ is that activated charcoal!


Getting this thread back on topic…

Todays effort:

There was salad but didn’t wanna ruin the photo lol

Next time you’re in Cairns @JohnRain :sunglasses:


Looks great.

Burnt ends has me stumped though. Isn’t it from the Point? Which is the better part of the brisket?


Define ‘better’.

The flat is leaner, but the point has more intramuscular fat which keeps the meat moist and tasty.

Both are pretty damn good.



more desirable,


I know there’s a few vegos out there…but I just found out I’m allergic to eggplant.

So here’s a chicken gyros I’m cooking right now.


Chlorine washed chicken?


Huh? Greek Easter is the following weekend. :wink:


Lucky ■■■■■■■, hate the stuff. Foul tasting rotten veg.

Think i will commandeer that excuse.



Got a bit more colour now, first shot was 3 minutes in. This is 2hrs now


Hard to get them without it. DIY, or Farmers markets maybe?


Yeah I know. I am super sensitive to it. Almost totally rules out poultry for me now :sleepy:


Bummer. My mate breeds & thins out the young Roosters he gets every now and then, … (not that that does you much good :no_mouth:), but they are surprisingly good eating.

Totally different to store bought Chlorinated ones. you wouldn’t think it was the same bird.


Are they chlorinated to get them whiter Or to get them cleaner?

I just seen they’ve got this weird black skinned chickens you can buy now. Bit hard to tell if it’s cooked or not I guess.


It was a weird way to find out. It’s always given me this stinging feeling in my mouth and tasted very bitter and acidic. I was eating some eggplant with my wife and asked her if she had the same sensation, which she didn’t. I just assumed that’s how it always tasted. Then googled it to find out that some people can be allergic to it.


I think its U.S.hygiene rules that have infiltrated the world.

The black ones are commonplace in Asia and aledgly have health benefits.