Tried the recipe tin eats Thai beef salad tonight. It’s a ripper!


Udon noodles in chicken broth with chicken thigh and pork belly.squirt of siracha for some heat


There are some great recipes on that site. I still think she has the best coq au vin and boeuf bourguignon recipes I’ve found.

She’s spreading herself a bit thin at the moment. I seem to be getting an email every couple of days. Today it was roast potatoes, which are lovely but hardly a special treat. Not long ago it was a tuna sandwich that looked lovely, but far more trouble than I’ll ever go to to make a tuna sandwich.

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I made a similar tuna sandwich last month or the one before. It’s definitely worth the trouble. :joy:

Well done. I was reading that recipe just today😂

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Had a crack at home made falafels tonight. Tasted good, but I had to add flour as they would not form into balls. I followed the recipe to the tee, almost, but they wouldn’t form. Dry chick peas etc etc.
Maybe they were not dry enough.
Will try again soon when I have a couple a hours and a bottle of vino.
That’s nearly every night mind you :crazy_face:


Yum! I’m making some on the weekend!! Did you use Nagi’s receipt?

I used this one I found on pinterest

Just looked up Nagi’s recipe. I see she used flour :blush:
I will have some chick pea flour on hand next time if I need it. I’m on a mission now to see if I can do it without flour.

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I have made hers many times and they have turned out great. Stop being silly and just use flour.

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That’s the spirit! Gluten-free shmuten-free! Although I have to admit I’ve never had a falafel that I’ve actually enjoyed. They always seem very dry.

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I like the ones made from Nagi’s recipe. With some good hommus they go down a treat!

I made some bread. Four out of four people surveyed gave enthusiastic praise.


What sort of bread is that? Done in cake tins? Is it all white flour?

It’s a basic sourdough done in cake tins. I was at a mates place and that’s what he had. The flour is white bakers flour which is high in protein (gluten). I reckon it makes the bread a bit too heavy and doughy, will try some with a lighter type.

I bought a new bread tin today so I’ll be able to make bigger slices.

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I actually prefer the baker’s flour for the texture and flavour. The sourdough I make also has 10% wholemeal rye flour which improves the flavour even more. The recipe is 100 grams of pure rye starter (= 50g rye flour) + 450g strong white flour + 310 g water (making 360g water total including the starter) + salt.

What’s everyone doing for Grand Final food?
(Assuming your not lucky enough to be going)

4 zinger boxes in honour of jake stringer

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Not even watching. Going to the beach instead.



Also great hack on kfc. Throw it in an airfryer for a few minutes when brought home.