Feast at your place. What great ingredients you’ve collected

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In office today, but WFH yesterday, where lunch included:

Backyard duck egg - poached
Home made sourdough
Home grown garlic rubbed on the toast
Home grown tomato
Home grown ‘perennial basil’ (a type of mint that is very similar to sweet basil).

Had the thawing pinkies (caught from tinny a couple weeks ago) for dinner, BBQd over smoky coals.


So simple but fancy. My favourite kind of food.

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Looks amazing.

Summer dinner Greek style. Yum!!



There are some who have the gift of good food presentation and some who don’t.

You do. I don’t.

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Thank you. What can I say, I’m just super stylish :slight_smile:


Not the same dishes but actually your post inspired this. Although forequarter chops were on special and I actually like them as much as the more expensive chops (needs to be cooked slow and right through though). Adding some more Italian with a tomato, basil (both home grown) and boccincini salad, and then home grown rocket…




Did you preheat fryer???
PS Should you always preheat fryer???
I did
then 10 min @ 120 degrees
then run under cold water to peel easier
Not bad at all

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No didn’t pre heat. It all depends on the airfryer though.

Anyone know where to get something like this from. Seems odd it’s purely seasonal.

Frozen stuff the rest of the year for the big amounts. I’ve seen fresh turkey breast and drumsticks at Coles. I’ve also got this one in the freezer that we ended up not needing at Christmas:

This was pretty much a full turkey though. There were the thigh parts as well.

Yeah I’ve never seen that. What do they do the rest of the year? I dunno. They certainly sell 500g packs of mince that I like to make a Thai hot basil and chilli stir fry with. It’s a slack go to meal I make every now and then with a bag of stir fry veggies and some of this holy basil stuff

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Was the last of it on the weekend.



Dave i just want to eat at your place

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oi oi oi this is a fried egg forum

I made pastitsio this weekend :slight_smile: