COVID-19 - January 22 to March 22

from their website for end of this week

Store Limits: Friday March 20 - Sunday March 22

Dear customers,

Your support over the last week has been phenomenal and your positive feedback has been imperative in keeping our staff motivated and focussed to get through this challenging time.

We are very conscious of the safety of our team members and our customers and want to ensure this is at the forefront of any decisions that we are making and will continue to make in the future.

For the safety of our employees and our customers, effective Friday 20 March – Sunday 22 March 2020, we will be limiting the number of customers within the store at any one time, to ensure you can safely navigate through our aisles and that our team members can continue to assist and support you during your shop in a safe manner. Please be advised we do expect significant delays during these periods.

We understand your concerns, however there will be strict limits on products which we kindly ask that you adhere to so as to avoid any issues at the register. We want to ensure that we can provide essential items to our community. Please see in store for further details on restrictions.

There is a temporary zero return policy for ‘change of mind purchases’.

To ensure we can focus our energy and team members in the high demand areas we are temporarily closing or altering some offers that we have such as but not limited to;

     Limiting the number of customers within the store at any one time
     Quantity limitations on products
     Temporary zero return policy for ‘change of mind’ purchases
     Menu reduction in the café & patisserie
     Fruit salad temporarily unavailable

You have all been so supportive and patient, we ask that you continue this over the future days when we reopen the closed departments. We ask that you be considerate in your shop and please be mindful of our vulnerable community members whilst they do their shopping and show kindness and compassion to those who may need some assistance.

The LaManna family thank you and your family for the support and empathy you have shown each and every one of us every day.

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It’s not that they want everyone to get it, it’s that it’s virtually inevitable that we will all get it in some manner or other. It’s about managing the resources we have for dealing with the most severe cases.


Just got home and drive through parliamentary triangle. Lit up like a Christmas tree, many public servants working long hours at the moment.

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I think it’s fine.
It’s very difficult to swim with two heads.


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from Facebook, Number of cases of coronavirus in North Korea…


Do keep up Doe; that was in the memes thread three days ago! As I said at the time:


Or the last one to leave forgot to turn off the lights.

And did you sanitize your face and hands.

I saw people in their office.


Apparently the Arch Bishop in Australia is saying holy communion is fine, but in Greece they have stopped it.

Considering cops usually have to close streets down, I don’t think the Easter rituals will have a big turnout.

The older Greeks are all being a bit silly at the moment. I just called my parents again and told them to stay home and I will run their errands. 4 of my girlfriends have also had to do the same with their parents.


Of course but not much good if it gets into my mouth or eyes.

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And we are now over 200,000 cases worldwide with 8000 deaths.

4% fatality rate.

I have the opposite view when it comes to older people. I think if you take the necessary precautions you should be visiting more often to make sure they are Ok and to also ensure their home is as clean as possible

Cleanliness is great, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t a key contributor here.

Personal hygiene, sure. But by visiting more often you are creating the problem that personal hygiene is there to protect from

Summary : what the?

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Nah. When you consider up to 50% of people who are infected never appear in the official figures then the actual mortality will probably be less than 1%.


At a minimum 4% on those numbers given some would still have not recovered.

Only if we had reliable data about infections. Probably far more people already have it but are not presenting enough symptoms to bother with testing.


Team, can we all just acknowledge that we are making up numbers for funsies.

We won’t really know for quite some time yet.


You take precautions and you wont be carrying the virus. In HK generations of people live together and theu have avoided large scale community transmission. It can be done.

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