COVID-19 - politics, blame and point scoring goes here

We need to protect the border

We should create a new agency to do this, call them Border Force or something.

Oh that allready exists, what where they doing then?


Why the difference in quarrantine management vic vs otger states. And who owns the security company used for quarrantine. Are there links to a labour party donor?

Yeah the security company is Mates with Dan.

They were going to do the contract properly but Dan said why don’t you get cheap labour. You’ll do it at half the cost, as long as you pay me half the profits.

We’re going to find out that juicy detail on day 4 of the investigation.

I also heard Dan slept with the security guard after the guard shagged the person in Quarantine. But that sounds far fetched to me.


omg, … :laughing:

? You having a fit or something? I can’t detect sarcasm when it’s in amongst so much bad grammar…

Clearly the quarantine at the hotel was part of their biosecurity measures - and it was outsourced to cowboys.

Links to Liberals Federally.

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He’s so keen on us!

Nobody has answered the most important question yet - was it at least a good root for the security guard to make all this worthwhile?

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Would Dan/Jenny/whoever have let these security guards with very little training guard them when they travel overseas for any such event?

Probably not

Going to be interesting which workplaces they allow to stay open.

All the governments let the ball slip. We have 6 active cases and they can’t even manage to explain to close contacts that they need to stay the fk home too.

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Interestingly, the feeling around the construction sites is that they won’t be ordered to shut down. Mainly due to contractual difficulties with state run projects such as the N/E Link , Train tunnels etc. Commercial builders think those projects will keep running, which makes selectively shutting down others quite problematic.

They may be totally wrong, of course.

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You’re fine Rosso, Casalinga isn’t affected.

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Even in domestic there’s probably people living in half finished renos or temporary accommodation waiting for their houses to be built, where you’d argue the continuation of those projects is essential.

Anything to do with construction will be fine

Retail is boned

there’ll be some further tightening on work sites but I doubt it’ll be shut down.

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This is well known.
All the ADF bases I work on have MSS or Wilson security on the gatehouses

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Lots of people have contractual obligations in place including myself and I’m pretty sure I’ll be shut down today.

When we are in a state of disaster contractual agreements shouldn’t be a consideration.

Everybody Tools down for 6 weeks might actually get us the short terms results we need and stop the asymptomatic cases which effect the long term.

But Dan told us contracts aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.


DHHS will - or should - have the data suggesting whether transmission is occuring via large scale projects or not.

As I said last night, I’m curious to know how the patterns are changing in terms of where the Covid infection lines are occuring.

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