COVID-19 - politics, blame and point scoring goes here

Yes, you are correct. Wouldn’t you think the Fed Health Minister would make an effort to meet all Premiers during this crisis?

Even more, shouldn’t he have met with the Premier who has done the best job of:
a) keeping covid out of the community and State; and
b) thereby keeping Australia’s #1 export industry going, in turn enabling:
c) the national budget to keep his corrupt mates funding the Tories’ rorts and pork barrelling.


Yep, I’m sure you are also correct, I just find the “I wouldn’t know him if I met him” part of it as very unbecoming of a state leader, but politics hey.

Menzies set it up primarily as a higher research University. That is its strength.
I drew on the expertise of a academics there from a range of disciplines for work and have had friendships with a few of them.
Used to take interns for units of their courses and found it a worthwhile exercise.

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How is he ever to meet Perrotet?

At least McGowan didn’t say he “wouldn’t know him from a bar of soap”. I have often wondered just what experiences people who say that have in communal bathrooms.

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Teaching is an annoying distraction for real academics.

ps my favourite academic duty - apart from sledging Dean Hilary Wannabe - is teaching in China, which casts me well below real.


The issue isn’t the bill in itself.
It’s who is proposing it.

The pandemic response should stay as is and both parties should go to the election with their own pandemic response bill.
Whoever wins the election gets to put it forward through parliament.

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Considering the last 18 months, the vomit put forth by media outlets and the display of sheer idiocy from the general public - I’d rather that didn’t happen and that we keep a pandemic response plan from being yet another political football.


ever seen a more irrelevant party than the vic lib party, these clowns need to turn to right wing extremism to even get a voice.


It frustrates me. My parents are lib lifers but they are atheists and absolutely hate Scummo. Unfortunately they really like Frydenburg who they have met and like personally. Scummo was dumb enough to personally offend my old man and embarass him amongst friends. Yet they will still vote for these mugs.

Please tell this story if you’re able.

It can’t stay as it is, it has an expiry date. New legislation is required.

Governments are required and expected to lead up until the caretaker period begins. I see no difference between the Victorian situation and the other states, other than media spin.

‘i’m not the one offended mate’

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My dad is 85 and has been the president of Toorak and of recent years Hawthorn Rotary club, he has a lot of lib contacts. They raise a lot of money for good causes and Scummo was at one of them. He’s not a climate change activist or a believer or anything but wanted to discuss the topic in an open manner. Scummo proceeded to put him down in public the second he mentioned the subject. TBH if anything I don’t reckon dad even believes in climate change.


gotta love someone bring up climate change at a lib function thinking those ghouls would even entertain the notion


That’s the thing, dad just wanted to have a discussion. Not like he proposed an opinion either way.

Wouldn’t have been pleasant.

That anecdote fits with a bunch of other interactions people have shared about Scomo. He can be an incredibly harsh and dismissive individual when he doesn’t respect those he’s talking to and there’s nobody watching.

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i refuse to respect him because hes got those little bits of hair, the loser should just embrace being bald.

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