COVID-19 Round 19 - Stick a Forklift in it

I never used the words ‘most important’ in my post. but instead used the word ‘accurate.’ My posts refer specifically to death because ultimately, authorities want to reduce this in the future, in case society is hit with another COVID type illness in the future.

Your points about other effects of COVID are important and all go into the melting pot, when authorities are making future plans to combat COVID and other similar illnesses. The development of high quality medicines and treatments is vital moving forward.

Finally, Mainland China is in for a world of pain when they are forced to open their society

You said ‘key metric’, which is more ambiguous, so you could have meant most accurate, while I thought most important. You did refer to average age of death as the key stat, rather than percentage of deaths. I trust authorities want to reduce the percentage of deaths rather than the average age of deaths.

I only took umbrage with the thinking that average age of death is the key metric, because whenever I hear this bandied about, it is usually followed with some comment about old people dying being unimportant.

It’s a blessing that COVID doesn’t also kill the very young in large numbers, because if it did, this pandemic would have killed twice as many people, our hospitals would have been under even greater strain, and young parents would have potentially been losing their children and their parents at the same time.

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Steady on.


This :thread: feels like the perfect summary of all the covid threads.

Oh think of the re-tweets!!!

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Mary-Louise McLaws is back working after her serious health diagnosis.
Her twitter account includes a link to her submission to the Federal Inquiry on Long Covid.


Great news she is back working. One voice that was always worth listening to.

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Well that’s going to end well. Reminds me of that Shirley Bassey song… no, not Goldfinger.

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That’s a good summary of the first month or two of the COVID threads.

I didn’t see a single mention there about BBQ sauce or whether kids could play on public playgrounds.


Genuine questions?

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I appreciate the stats, and it’s sobering that we started the new wave while the baseline was still high. New nightmare might be stretching it a little.

It’s easy to criticise, but I’d like to see people with this view propose a sensible alternative that stands up to scrutiny.

Anyone who thinks COVID is now irrelevant just isn’t paying attention, but making alarmist statements without providing a better plan of action doesn’t seem helpful.


My sister in law tested positive on Thursday.
It’s fair to say, she good a rough dose of it.
She’s triple vaxxed, but she’s just had fever, an incredibly rough cough, very tired at all times and had the bone aches.
No one else in the household has been infected.
She’s not having a great experience with it.

She’s probably had the worst experience in our immediate family.


A co-worker has a pretty rough case.
Not sure if she’s had it before or not, but I don’t think so.
The difference in severity is very weird.


I had a kebab in the park today




I’ve been meh since Thursday. Sore throat, headache, runny nose, bit of a fever. But six negative tests so far, so am guessing it’s some other bug. Am staying away from people just in case.


Reopening COVID specific ward at my hospital today (previously were able to cope with patients in single rooms spread across the hospital)