COVID-19 Round 19 - Stick a Forklift in it

A few Adelaide hospitals have brought back mandatory masks this week and some individual medical practices have aswell.
Had a cruise ship dock here yesterday that is riddled with Covid and gastro


So just your average cruise ship then.


We’ve had a bit of an uptick in community acquired cases presenting at the hospital (as opposed to hospital acquired).
A couple of COVID related deaths (both that I know of were pneumonia), a couple of people in their 30s and a couple of people from those bloody cruise ships!


And the cruise ship season is just ramping up.


We so need a better vaccine that’s more effective.

I wanna do a BBBBQ dammit!

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My wife caught Covid on a cruise ship early this year. I followed with the virus a few days later.
We were not allowed to leave the ship in Melbourne with other passengers.
On leaving the ship with quite a lot of other sufferers we were taken to a Queue for a special bus.
There were a big number of passengers in this line-up.
In fairness to the cruise line they did supply my wife with anti-virals which must have cost them almost as much as we paid for the passage.


New vaccines available to target the current variants, available 11th December onwards.

Pfizer’s monovalent XBB.1.5 vaccine will be available for use in eligible people aged 5 years and older, while the Moderna monovalent XBB.1.5 vaccine can be used for those aged 12 years and older. You can check your eligibility here.

Providers can order this new vaccine, with doses being delivered ready to administer from 11 December 2023. Sites that receive their orders earlier than this date can commence administration as soon as they receive them.


Son went to Perth to see Coldplay. Came home with Covid. Sigh…. Would have been happy for him to just bring back a t-shirt.


just have the BBQ mate.

Life’s too short not to enjoy some of it.