Covid 19 - Round 6 . The Winter Slog

Ha! Tell that to WA who over the last many years has been getting back as little as 30% of its GST. All the while, it has been propping up the national economy, especially in the pandemic

And then ScuMo and his ■■■■■■■■ mates support Clive Palmer (who “donated” to their cause $90 million in the last election) to break down WA’s protection against covid entering the state. (Confirming their hypocrisy, ScuMo has withdrawn this now in the light of 97% of WA voters thinking they are Rsoles for this, but the damage has been done ).

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When mining royaliitis accrue to the State according to the Commonwealth Constitution
anc Federal income taxes benefit mine owners, when Federally funded transport infrasritcure is delivered to WA , you must feel that you are propping up the rest of the rest of the Fedaratjon with bean counting crap.

I hope Rita is already in the cannon


Stupid is as stupid does.
She’s welcome to go back if she likes.
Their country only had 2,500 cases yesterday and 200 deaths. And that’s after all the oppression.


Go back to where you came from :wink:

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Road deaths are an interesting one. 1000 deaths seems like a small number compared to the number of registered vehicles, but the number of people injured and disabled by road deaths is much greater. Purely economically, road crashes cost us around 2% GDP. I guess that’s why our government spends so much money trying to keep those numbers as low as they can, and generally the number of fatalities reduces over time, even as the number of registered vehicles increases.

I suppose that’s the same reason our government is spending so much money on the current pandemic. They are choosing to take an enormous hit to the economy to save lives because they believe their modelling tells them the alternative will cost us more.

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Not sure if they have an RDO today but no tradies on the commute.


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My next door neighbour has gone to work. But think it is an RDO, isn’t it usually first Monday of the month?

I can never work it out. Sometimes feels like it’s every second day… :laughing:


Yep - it’s an rdo today.

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Cfmeu RDO but some sites are open anyway.

Even allowing for that, it feels like much less traffic. It’s the first day of lockdown two that feels like lockdown one


First and third for a lot.

It breaks my heart to think that young men and women are going to work and ending up in ICU. I can’t imagine my son or daughter being in this position. It makes me want to try harder.
Ultimately, these are the people we must take care of. I want them there to take care of my family or myself if we become unwell.


Pffttt, the real tradies work every day :joy:


Thank goodness you Vic’s have the footy and Blitz to distract you from what must be a terrible situation. I expect some ripper posts over the next 6 weeks.

I still can’t believe NSW is only at a handful of cases each day. I suspect our turn will come.

Best wishes for a long slog.

From the Dubbo bubble.


A staff member at Coles at Northcote plaza has had tested positive.

It was at the ‘cool’ Coles next to Kmart.

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Well that’s going to send the panic buyers there yesterday into an even bigger frenzy (this despite that worker presumably not having worked in at least a few days).

Bloody hell. The queues there were massive yesterday. Hope people kept at a safe distance.

Last time they worked there was July 31st.

We haven’t seen many cases of transmissions at supermarkets so hopefully protocols are tight.


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