Crameri vs. Hurley

Ok, disclaimer first. I have no idea why Crameri is really leaving, and I have no idea what effect trading Hurley would have on the team. If Crameri is leaving for non-contract reasons (e.g. to be with McCartney) then this is obviously moot, and if trading Hurley would rip up the team spirit, its also moot. But, disclaimers aside.....


I want to propose that we would be better off trading Hurley and keeping Crameri. Assuming the extra flexibility Hurley leaving would give our salary cap would mean Crameri would stay (plus one less person pushing for tall slots in the forward line), I think this is a better option. It assumes that TRB has no intention of switching Hurley and Carlisle this side of a blue moon. 



  • This would save money in the salary cap, giving us more flexibility in recruiting/retaining players
  • It would be keeping the guy who is actually producing more goals
  • Hurley would net more in a trade. Trading him to GWS who need a CHB, we could probably get Adams and their 2nd round pick. Due to Crameri being out of contract and the Bulldogs having no picks in the 10=>20 range, we're not likely to get more than the Bulldog's 2nd round pick, maybe a fringe player as well.
  • Hurley going to GWS as a back would mean more competition for Gumby's signature. I'm assuming he'll leave regardless because he'd be a fool not to.
  • Hurley leaving may actually encourage Pears to stay on.



  • Would lose Hurley's versatility
  • Hurley arguably has more upside
  • Team dynamics might be hurt
  • Lose the younger player (2 year gap)


In summary, I'm assuming from a forward impact point of view Crameri and Hurley are actually about equal. They track about 0.2 goals a game difference (Crameri better), with Hurley taking a few more marks. Hurley has a physical presence, but Crameri is a headache to match up on. Over the last two years they've averaged almost exactly the same disposals, Hurley takes one more mark a game, a similar number of missed games, and Crameri takes 1.5 more tackles. So, pretty even.


So if they don't bring too much different on the field, what is the difference off it? Well this is why I'm suggesting trading Hurley. He will be the more valuable trade, he frees up more salary cap, we can deal directly with GWS for Adams, and there are potential knock on benefits for Gumby's price and Pears staying.


At the end of the day would you prefer Hurley and pick #22 or Crameri, Adams and #19?

Hurley signed a huge contract not long ago.

Contracted until 2017.

And personally id take Hurley over Crameri every day of the week

I believe that Crameri has pretty much reached his potential, whereas Hurley has far much more scope for improvement as a key forward target (particularly if we can get his wrists right).


On that basis I would keep Hurley, particularly seeing his output is almost the same as Crameri's, he has scope for further development and he is more versatile.

What a ■■■■■■■ pointless thread. NEWS FLASH - nothing is going to change because of an internet thread.