Crichton Medal 2017 - Blitzer tables!

There seems to be something going wrong with PM’s at the moment Koala.

Or at least with the notifications of them. Sent you one yesterday.

Also,… I just got an EFC invite in the email, and it said a 3 Course Dinner,. :yum: rather than 2.

Which of course makes it even better value … :wink:

I can see why you would be upset. Can’t think of anything worse.

You take that back!
The Oils are fantastic live


looks like there are issues with notifications all round - I didn’t get one for the new posts in this thread!

anyway, have sent you and @Deckham a message :slight_smile:


Apparently there are now limited tickets left, so if you are thinking about attending, better to book sooner rather than later!

I’ll be there.

It’s cheap and on a weekend, right?

Besides…I’ll be there!!!
(that should clear a few seats :slight_smile: )

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Sorry, not taking it back. Never liked 'em.

He said…“TAKE IT BACK” !

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■■■■ NO!!

OK :grinning:


Now sold out. Hope all those who wanted tickets got them!

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I thought it was a tad too expensive, and found the mid week time slot prohibitive given my work hours.

** I hope this joke hasn’t been butchered too much until my offering above :grinning:

:smiley: :smiley:

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Its a great night .Missed out. No alternative now but to stream it. Argh. The IT dept at the TVS seem to have problems getting that right.

On the plus side, by the time it buffers you will be watching it on a weekend.


I really want to go, one day.
I’d like to take Dad, too.

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… and its free!!