Crichton Medal 2021 - Tonight! 6:30pm AEST

Essendon will crown its 2021 Crichton medallist from 6:30pm AEST tonight via a virtual event.

Dons fans and members can watch the event live and free on this article.

Please return to this article closer to the event for the 2021 Crichton Medal livestream which will be located here.

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I am just here to see what Draper does

I’ll be watching because to be truthful I enjoy it, but I’m also looking to escape reading the Covid thread which has been sickening today. (I know that I don’t have to read it)
Interesting to see how Parish & Merrett pole compared to the Brownlow.

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I’m only here for the nuggets

I’ve just got music playing, has it started yet?

Not yet

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Do you always have this condition?

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On now

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after todays entertainment, this better pop off

Club awards worth more then any Brownlow could be

Nice to see Walla

Buy Yakult! 17 years a sponsor.


Xavier looking like a young Red Symons


Hahaha! Yeah, I was just thinking he reminded me of someone.

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ooft who to vote

BRASHER :heart:

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Goal of the year: Walla or Stringer

I feel like we are in good hands with this bloke

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I think so to!