Cricket Part II







Phewww! I was just thinking that the replay of the previous ball that took Root on the gloves looked like a front foot no-ball, and that I’d hate to have a wicket over-turned because of that. Heart was in my mouth there for a moment.


Now let’s ■■■■ off the night watchman


Still gotta uproot… Root.


NO, I will not also acknowledge my negative nellee posts early on.

devils donuts. wtf.


Or we’ll be rooted.


Mmmmmmmmm, V.I.Poo.


Fark, that is a sensational delivery.


Lol… I’d be sledging Root like there was no tomorrow now


He does struggle to convert 50s into 100s, so he may choke it up.


That’s a few times Hazlewood’s brought that one out now.
The lad is fkn lethal when he wants to be.

Love it.


He shut his eyes with that last bouncer.


i would too with a pill aimed at my head at 145km/h!


Such a poor display from Australia today. Have lost the test on today alone


Mannnn how fkn lucky to get toe end of the bat then and away


Have some faith. We’ve got the best attack in the world and we’re at home. Couple of quick wickets tomorrow and we’re on. If we’ve got them 6 down with 120 to go it’s still good. Root and Bairstow are the key wickets. Going to be a great day of play tomorrow. This is good stuff. We were pretty bad today in the first session. I’ll give you that.


If we get Root out in the first hour tomorrow we win, if we don’t they win.


Full of panic merchants in here. We’re still good things


Watching our dismissals today. Horrible batting. They just didn’t care.


They didn’t need to be overly aggressive but should’ve been in his ear from the start.