Cricket Part II


Bairstow is a danger. Let’s assume we get Woaks and Root. Theres still another one to get to expose the tail to the pacemen. Early wickets are definitely required. Or, will it get close and we run through them? Love this stuff!


Yep, agree. We didn’t take the follow on which almost seems like a no go these days. But, if you don’t you’ve gotta play for time. Particularly with the night session and the potency in bowling with that.


Yep, can turn in an instant. Smooth sailing needing 140, two quick wickets and suddenly England are in trouble.


i’ll grant the batting didn’t seem that good by the aussies, but is anyone else suspicious about out of 4 days now, there’s only been 1 session where the ball has absolutely zinged around and looked unplayable ??

maybe the cough lollies made a brief ressurection in the final session on day 3.

Funny though how like i said, only one real session that ball pinges around like a pinball machine.


Was a new ball that session, other night sessions have had a 30+ over ball


Brand new ball last night with a bit of moisture in the air. Was always going to be a tough session to get through but some of our players have shocking technique and huge technical issues against the swinging ball


What a new and different technical deficiency for Australian batsmen to have.


Batting today was terrible. There was a nonchalance about it as if we already had enough runs. Needed to bat into session two to have a new ball for session 3. Instead, we went for quick runs and presented England a chance.


Agree about being good things but if you were going on the body language of our skipper in that session then he looked like he was panicking more than anybody.
Surely we still win.


The problem with not enforcing the follow on was that we handed England the most English conditions they were going to get on this tour.

We proved in the last Ashes series in England that we are inept at playing the swinging ball, last night proved that is still very much the case and yet we handed England the conditions in which they were going to play their best cricket and we also gave them those conditions with a brand new ball.

Last night was the only final session where there was significant swing and seam and that is because it is the only final session where the bowling team has had a new ball.

Still feel the Aussies are best place but we had the chance to play attacking cricket, enforce the follow on and blast the English out last night, instead we took the pissweak option and have let them back into the game.

Need to remove Root early tomorrow, or if we are not able to need to capitalise on the new ball when we get it about an hour in to the days play, if Root is still there at lunch, I don’t see how England won’t win. Unless Root gets stuck down the non-strikers end while we rip through the rest of the lineup down the other end.

Can someone also please tell Lyon to bowl over the wicket to the ■■■■■■■ right handed and only use this ■■■■■■■ around the wicket ■■■■ as a change up.


This is why sporting journos suck. Seriously, the sub-headings. Your articles should not be click bait rolled into a swirl of tweets. How about some ■■■■■■■ coverage of the state of play. The nature of test crick will allow the drama to unfold, I don’t need your ■■■■■■ op-ed on it.

If we loose this test (which I don’t think we will) - it will ONLY be because we failed in the second dig, with the willow.


I think we are in trouble.


They had some luck yesterday, but to be fair, they were due.


Couldn’t agree more. We only let them back in the game because we got rolled 30 overs early in the second dig. With the new ball in the third session yesterday and a 420 run lead they are just trying to survive.


Getting sick of the articles about what Darren Berry wrote on Twitter about DRS. Also, if you want to be taken seriously you probably shouldn’t call Cameron White and Jamie Cox “greats”. Handy shield players who might have got more than a couple of test caps in different circumstances. Greats? No.


Please, do tell me more about what Darrren Berry and Matt Prior think.
Maybe Warney could talk about it for thirty minutes without a breath.
That’d be ace.


And his love for Hawaiian pizza. Gotta have pineapple.


I reckon we’re cooked


being a journalist is where the easy money is at these days. trawl twitter for outlandish views from “high profile” people, collate with some pretend knowledge with a feint air of superiority, add some images, voila. article submitted!


Starc was bowling some absolute ■■■■■■■ pus last night but ended up 2 for, he tightened up at the end, last spell was better angling in to Root. Hazlewood only started to find his mark late too. Lyon created a few (half) chances. Cummins was okay but finished strongly.

If they keep it tight, Australia wins.