Cricket Part II


We need Root out early.

If he carries his bat/farms the strike they will win.

He copped an absolute ■■■■ canning for putting Australia in to bat. He’d be so determined to get the W here.

Only takes a few quick wickets and their tail is very iffy so hopefully we can get it done

So many poms in my office. The carry on will be unbearable if they get up!


It’s going to be a cracking day of cricket - regardless if it’s a quick wrap up or a drawn out win (to either side).


20 runs to get with nine wickets down would be fantastic.


With Anderson and Broad at the crease.


Getting in early on a tie.
You just can’t let an opportunity for good call by me go by.


and then the lights go out.


I hope Smith tarts today’s proceedings with Cummins and Lyon - they have been the two most likely so far this summer.


And just on Smith - hus body language in particular- is he a little too animated at times for a captain? He admit exactly exuding calmness and confidence last night. Of course, I have no idea what he is saying, but at times it looked like he was freaking out last night.


We’ll lose.


He seems a little emotional at times but I think that comes from being an extremely focused. driven and passionate individual. He wants to seriously succeed and win everything. As long as his interactions with his team are kept in reasonable check it is okay. It is why they want some senior players who can help him maintain control.

AB was known as Captain Grumpy both on and off the field, he was very intense and very driven to succeed. Taylor and Waugh were fairly composed, Punter was prone to a few grumps and Clarke was difficult for most to handle.


England are paying $10 on Sportsbet for the win today. Clearly the bookies don’t think they can win.

Edit: Oops, my bad, that was the series odds. England paying 3.75 today. I thought that was a little generous! :grinning:


Definitely a two horse race but even Kevin Pietersen thought it was going to be tough. People are buying a bit too much into England’s momentum, that can swing so wickedly the other way. The Australian bowlers simply need to keep it tight, Starc was the main culprit with the new rock yesterday.

Not sure why this was a reply Shahid, more a general comment.


We’ll win by about 100 runs.


I still think we’ll win



Thanks Sportsbet Afridi :grin:

(who needs Nathan Brown?)


:laughing: very funny.


Gamble responsibly. :grinning:


■■■■■■ hell. I was about to go and check the odds on a draw, then I read the text


what time does play start Melbourne time?