Cricket Part II


Give me Warner’s anger any day rather than the SA squealing, apparent false accusations and denial. They like to deny the obvious, with a track record for so doing.
Is Ian Chappell a hypocrite?


Just slightly.


No holding back from Davey.


Candice does have a very rich history and many, many many very public relationships.

If it is back with Marsh, Lillee and Chappell were playing they would have had a field day, and the sledges would have memorable.


Hope SA double down and go even harder at him in the 2nd test.


The old exchange between Rod Marsh and Ian Botham:

RM: So how’s your wife and my children?
IB: Wife is fine, kids are retarded.


Tongue was in cheek.


What would that look like?
Throwing the ball at Smith’s head this time, and then complaining when someone hits the ball near a fielder too hard?


I’ll never forget Graeme Smith’s first test against us. Stump mikes were up. Smith chirping away in the slips when he’d never faced a ball in Test cricket, then sooking like a little child when it came back at him.

Typical South Africans. Also typical Warner (and McGrath too).


Well that went down well


Good to see you showing some respect on International Women’s Day. Your comment disgusts me.




If you wanna call Warner a tool then go right ahead, but…just nah.
That post is pretty rank, in any context.


Yeah its a bit rude


SA v Tas is turning out a little like Vic NSW

SA need 50 odd but 8 down…Head still there on 125 with Winter on 14

SA lost Ferguson and Weatharald in the first 7 balls of the day. Rainbird then went for 15 off the rest of the second over…3 4’s and a 3 all through 3rd to 5th slips, none intentional.

Another 15 off Fekete…Head 136 and Winter 20

12 off Rainbird…Head 144 and Winter 23

19 to win…3 leg byes and a run to Head

Head caught at second slip off Rainbird for 145

Worrall 4 play and misses off Bird in a row

17 to win

All over…Winter bowled by Bird for 25

Bird 4, Rainbird 3 and Fekete 2


So if a single female has an active sex life you consider her a ■■■■■? Do you consider men with active sex lives whores or are they just studs sowing their wild oats?

You sir are a flog.


Trav tried to drag us over the line but the useless top order was our downfall once again


making Tasmania jump to 2nd on the ladder and Vics down to 3rd


I will concede that was not my finest effort. In fact nowhere near it. Probably closer to the bottom of the pile to be honest.

But I sir am not a flog. Merely an average man who had a floggish moment.


You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find Prince Charming