Cricket Part II


Apparently crowd members in Port Elizabeth turning up with Sonny Bill Williams masks on. This is going to be next level banter. I reckon Warner could go a member of the crowd like Big Merv did when we toured Sth Africa in 1994.


He’s made his bed, now he’s got to lie in it.


Wasn’t the problem with regards to SBW they did it in a public place rather than a bed.


Warner shouldn’t play.
Simple as that.


Looks like the banana benders will be hosting the SS final. WA have folded like a deck of cards


Must be time to kill off the Sheffield Shield final. Its a farce.


and they lost practically all of day 1 to rain. That’s quite a capitulation by WA.


Bunch of ■■■■■■■ morons if this occurs. It’s all well and good to go after Warner, but there are three other people that will be affected by that - SB, SB’s wife and Candice Warner. These idiots need to stop, think and show some empathy.


Rain falling in PE. The big covers are on, looks like a late start. :frowning:


Why should Australia change the way they play the game? It’s served us well for 20 years. We were unbeatable for most of it. The best teams don’t necessarily play in the most gentlemanly manner and I’d hate for us to be a bunch of b*tches on field just to try and make good for all those past players that rock back and forth in their chairs thinking of the beating they copped. And I’d say that goes for basically every sport. The best teams are usually the best because they dominate not just int he sport but mentally also, they dominate your will. Lions in their heyday had you beat upstairs before they walked the field, it’s about intimidation and the sport itself is usually mastering the mind. If you can handle things said about yourself then maybe find another sport, like lawn bowls or golf where talking is not permitted.

In my personal opinion, sledging about: their sh*t average, game style, shot making, looks etc is fair game. Trying to distract them by talking about random things, or laughing hysterically when they play and miss is fair game.
Talking about someone’s wifes/kids/family members are not. I think if you’re gonna get personal just stick to the player batting, not their family. It’s pretty simple really.

I’m honestly loving the sooking from all these opposition fans about the mean old aussies. Meanwhile, we’ll keep winning and you focus on buying some soft Kleenex to wipe your eyes with. Ando n a random note, no one is more butthurt than the Indians. My god do they have a chip on their shoulder from years of torment.


Australia have won the toss and are batting


Australia won the toss and will bat!


Ngidi replaces Morkel


As I suggested earlier this week Morkel has been dumped for Ngidi. Interesting to bat with a bit of rain about. Might be good conditions to bowl in.


Once the ball gets soaked it can negate any movement so get through the first 10-15 overs and batting might get easier


Crowd looks poor again…SA not turn up to watch?


Aus batting pretty smartly considering the conditions. No silly shots. Just smart cricket


Warner opening up now.
Lol at Faf, Warner hits 4 through point so Faf removes 3rd slip and puts him at deep ball. Very next ball nicked through the vacant third slip at a very catchable height for 4


That early in a Test your primary concern should be wickets. Anyone who takes out a slip and then subsequently has a nick pass into the vacant gap deserves what they get. Bancroft grinding away too, still not convincing but he just has to graft out an innings.


Yep, really dome cricket from Faf. SA don’t look like they have any answers at all on how to break this partnership