Cricket Part II


As usual, a wicket right on the break. Not sure Bancroft needed to play at that.


And the partnership broken on the stroke of lunch. Bancroft sparring at one outside off, gone for 38 bucking behind, Philander the bowler.


I was coming here to post “STFU you stupid band”… but damn, Bancroft.


Do we fly Renshaw over for the next test? Bancroft did a good job but got out at the worst possible time.


Dumcroft. Needs to be way smarter with his shot selection.

And what is it about the last over before a break? Is the food so good that they all want to tuck in early?


Not the first time they’ve capitulated at the end of a season.


Excellent session in the scheme of test cricket though.

Given the emotion and circumstances 38 is worth 60 and 50 worth 80.


Bancroft cements his spot in the side for another two years with a scratchy 38.


Still better than Usman is going


Steve Smith’s technique I can’t even


One of the strangest techniques I have seen. But amazingly he makes it work for him.


I find it quirky how Smith out of nowhere long after a defensive shot, will flash the blade around like its Excalibur. It’s utterly ridiculous but I like it.

What I really, really, really don’t like is seeing quite a few younger suburban cricketers (roughly 18 and under) I’ve played against impersonating his technique.


It was a lot worse when young bowlers started imitating Murali’s action.

We had a young Sri Lankan bloke at our club. All I can say is that it was a good thing he was a great keeper, because there’s no way he’d have been allowed to bowl.


There’s a plethora of them in park cricket. One club brought a Sri Lankan bloke over as their only paid player, he got called for chucking first week, and second week, and ended up playing every other game in the 2s.


See what I mean by the value of a 38 against the new ball.

He saw it off and what are these middle order chumps doing?

Come on Mitch Marsh.

270 willl be par.


Rabada’s shoulder bump on Smith not worth a single replay by the home broadcaster. Way worse than what Lyon did. Shoukd not be playing next test.


oh ■■■■


Warner’s innings looking pretty good so far.


Rabada on a hattrick here…

Edit: Starc survives.


243 is ■■■■■ from where were.