Cricket Part II


Yeah, nah. I don’t think Hawkeye is consistently accurate enough.


Yeah, … Cheers Speedy.

I know it’s a rule, … and I know what the rule states, … but the question is, fking why??

It makes no sense to me at all, … (as I stated in the OP.)


At a guess it’s for few reasons, batsman get hit on pads all the time and in a technical sense ball could be going on to hit the wickets a lot. Batting is hard so balance back with the batsman.

Umpires have a hard enough job as is without having to have a hawk eye like tracking system in their head for times ball does strike players outside the line

Imagine a right arm leg spinner to a left arm batsman and padding up outside off, umpire would be basically guessing. Warne would have gotten 1000’s of wickets as a result though.

The hitting in line and going on to hit the stumps seems the most logical and consistent way for the call to be made.


If the batsman is padding up, the umpire can give that scenario out with a right arm leg spinner to a left hand bat padding up outside off


Ah right you are

I’ll go back to my guess that the rule set up as batting is really difficult so the LBW rule structured to be in batsmans favour moreso than bowler.


I spent years perfecting a set up where I would bowl cutting to slips,… then slipping in an off cutter to get an LB, (and got plenty, … so it either wasn’t in 20 odd years ago, … or even umpires from the opposing team didn’t acknowledge it)… seems bowlers these days should not even bother to bowl that delivery, … because if the batsmen comes fwd enough for it to strike him when he’s outside the 10 or so inches of area of stumps to stumps line, he gets a N/O decision.

I think the rule is a joke, … a complete nonsense, and am yet to hear any argument to validate it’s existence,

(Bowlers Rant over …)


Anyone got a live stream for this atm?


Ball is apparently reversing a mile at the moment.


crichd dot com?


Pm sent I think


The LBW law is from a bygone era where the ball dominated the bat. It has had a few tweaks along the way - most notably the not playing a shot hitting outside off - but I don’t see why on an overall basis it still needs to be so in favour of the bat. If the ball is going on hit the stumps then it should be out no matter where it pitched or hit the batsmen. I’m even talking outside leg - but this comes from me a leg spin bowler.


I can’t agree with the pitching outside leg part. That would encourage negative cricket that would be really bad for the game


Cricket is a bowler’s game. I say that because as a bowler you can bowl truckload of garbage, come back on, adjust and still take wickets. As a batsman, you pretty much have just one chance. Make a mistake, gone. No problem with the lbw law.


Bang bang! Starc and Hazel! Come on boys. Two more.


Amazing how the momentum swings, 3 wickets in quick succession and pressure back on them & it’s very very hard to score at present.

With the way it’s reversing their tail will contribute next to nothing.

One more wicket hopefully ABD and then De ■■■■ will be in and the boys will be into him big time

Edit. And another. Make that 4 wickets!


What a difference a few months in sport makes, my man, the Bison!


Good fightback by the bowlers. AB standing in the way though. Need to quickly finish the innings and work on a lead tomorrow. No idea how much will be needed. Reverse swing is deadly, pitch will break up for Lyon, SA bats have found some grit. Probably a good thing we aren’t chasing in the 4th innings.


Test cricket. How good?


Rabada charged a level 2 offence for his bump on Smith. Could face a 2 game ban


Just saw the replay of Lyons ball to bowl DK. What a beauty, if he doing that now saffers will be in all sorts from him in 4th innings.

Hopefully we can get the tail out cheaply tonight and then put a decent score on board to defend