Cricket Part II


Bancroft and usman need to go


Top order is seriously exposed if Smith or Warner don’t fire.


True of any side.
Almost inevitable - when you’re facing a world class attack - that they’re going to have a game where they run through you.

We’re well behind at this point, but I feel a last day target of 150 could be difficult.


How good is Allan Border de Villiers. Hope he doesn’t retire.


If he wasn’t run out by his partner in Durban, we may not have got him out in thus series yet. Unbelievable player who is also great to watch.


I know what you mean but it just seems like if those two don’t score big none of the top 4 do. Marsh and Paine need to just bat time as long as possible here. 150 lead would be a great achievement at this point.


Usman was top score this innings!
They’re certainly a class above whichever combo of SMarsh/Bancroft/Usman/Renshaw/Rogers we’ve had with them, which shouldn’t really be any surprise.


Yeah, Usman got 70 odd but really needed to go on to make 100 plus. Yes, it’s obvious Smith and Warner are a class above but it’s still concerning that only half of our top order are reliable.


It’s not reality to have 4 x Steve Smiths.

I think Bancroft invariably (well, except for that one decision v Vernon) gives a solid effort and makes the bowlers work for his wicket. Usman is as phlegmatic as they come. You would like to see him mature this year or next, as Shaun Marsh did.


Marsh out first over. Not looking good, need to get them chasing minimum above 150 to give us any chance at all


Mitch Marsh out for 45, bowled by Rabada after the ball hit his pad and took off stump out of the ground. Only just stayed behind the line too. We lead by 50 with 4 wickets in hand. Will do well to have a lead in triple figures by the time we have to bowl again…


I don’t often jump in early like this, but, we’re screwed.


Any lead over 100 will be a tense chase. Still easily doable. If Cummins and Starc can stick around they can push the score up




Rabada on fire. They will miss him.


What is the status of Steyn? Is he any chance of playing in the series?


So Rabada is facing the music for both Smith and Warner now. No chance of playing the next test.


I think he was trying to be ready for the 3rd test.


Effective score 9/84


All out. They need 101 to win.