Cricket Part II


Leading run scorer in this series so far.



Load of crap article with a theme of poor, poor Australia facing the unspeakable dirty tactics of opposition teams, media and spectators.
IMO the vilest sledgers in the world reap what they sow.


You didn’t read the article did you? I can tell because the author also attacks Australia.


Shield cricket back on today. Last game before the final.

Tas vs Vics - should be the fight for 2nd spot. Tas 3-131
NSW vs Qld: Qld 6-130. ( Copeland with 5 wickets)
SA vs WA: WA 4-158.


How many points do you get for winning a shield game these days?
Are QLD guaranteed 1st?


It’s pretty simple IMO. If you can’t handle a bit of verbal chat, ■■■■ off and play lawn bowls or croquet. It’s not a tea party. There are definitely lines you shouldn’t cross in terms of racial abuse, personal abuse about someone’s sexuality, etc, but anything else is fair game IMO. I played with a bloke who is a current County cricketer. There is a guy who played for Surrey and is now at Somerset called Steven Davies, who actually came out and declared he was gay. The England and Wales Cricket Board sent a memo to all County Clubs that any form of sledging based on his sexuality would result in those players having their contracts terminated. What resulted was that Davies, a wicketkeeper, knew he was immune from being sledged about being gay that he was able to mouth off and abuse all and sundry knowing that very little would come back his way. It was basically a one-way street. Personally I don’t listen to much when I’m out on the field batting, so whatever the opposition says is water off a duck’s back, If you’re affected by a bit of chirp, then you clearly don’t have the mentality required to play Test cricket.


W6 points for an outright win. 2 points for a first innings lead that ends in a draw.


you also get these bonus batting and bowling points:

Bonus batting
First 100 overs: .01 for every run above 200
Example: 350 runs in the first 100 overs = 1.5 points. Batting points are uncapped until 100 overs

Bonus bowling
First 100 overs: 0.5 points awarded at fall of fifth wicket, seventh wicket and ninth wicket
Example: 8 wickets in first 100 overs = 1 point. Bowling points capped at 1.5

After first 100 overs, no further bonus points available to either team


Thanks guys!


Interesting. I don’t get why the bowling bonus is capped at the first 100 overs. How can a bowling team control the length of the batting innings.


By dismissing the opposition?


Haha yeah of course. But I am more referring to a road where the batting team bats on and on. Anyway I am sure it doesn’t matter in the overall scheme.


The points are to push sides to get a result, and reward attacking play.


I like how du Plessis suggested what Warner did was worse than Rabada.

Firstly, what Warner did, whether provoked or not, would never have seen the light of day had not SA released the CCTV.

Secondly, what Rabada did was seen by everyone with a TV.


du Plessis was also conveniently ignoring the past offences of the two. The different sentences were because of those past actions and sanctions. That he could say it with a straight face and not be challenged on it tells you the standard of journalism involved.


Also Rabada actually make contact with Smith.

Warner yelled some things and held back by a teammate. Obviously if he got to De ■■■■ and did something stupid you would imagine he too rightly would’ve copped a fairly lengthy suspension as well.

Maybe Faf should take it upon himself as Captain to make a beeline straight to Rabada whenver he takes a wicket to tell him to pull his ■■■■■■■ head in.


Philander now saying that the Rabada incident was Smith’s fault for not getting out of the way.


state of play in shield games


If Victoria win and QLd lose, could they go to top of table.