Cricket Part II


He was a cocky little ■■■■■ before I got to him :rofl:


Correction, it took England from a mediocre team to world number 1, at least a for short time anyways


Pakistan won the toss and will bat first

Massive crowd there, more than a norf home game that’s for sure


Massive workload ahead for Lyon and Holland. Need to dismiss them for under 450…


I thought he was named at three but I might have been looking at it wrong. It’s usually kwalja.

I don’t mind him being gifted games if he’s been identified as ticking a few boxes. I think it’s his brother that’s been given plenty more opportunity and he’d worry sheep.

Exactly like his old man without the runs.


Very tough to win having lost the toss. Wicket hasn’t got a blade of grass on it. Looks like a 500plus wicket first up before we succumb to spin twice cheaply.


Has that feel about it doesn’t it? Our bowlers are not really troubling them overly much.


Our boy, Nic Maddinson, ended up crashing through the WA tail like a dose of Epsom salts.

63 run win, Maddinson 4-28 off 4.5


He also batted well with 58 (63)


on pitches like this one if you lose the toss, a win is almost out of the question. For the first few days the ball will do nothing then all of a sudden every ball will be like facing a hand grenade


Same as I said last year, umpires are neutral but the pitches are doctored for the home side. Does betting money talk?


Pakistan doing it with ease, 0/85 after 29


It’s a bit sad that Shaun Marsh has become our gun bat, by default.


Barely anything beaten the bat so far. Lyon and Holland have not looked like taking a wicket. Starc has bowled well and even before lunch in Day 1 the ball looks like it’s 100 overs old. 600 could be on the cards…


Vics end up posting 320 after a horror statt (2/10) and won by about 60.
Maddinson ripped off for MoM. Hit 60 in the middle order and took 4 wickets with his tweakers, after WA started on fire against the slightly less bad part time bowlers (Short and Maxwell). They gave it to Harris, who hit 80 at just the casual 149 SR.

Vic Tas final.


Wait this is on already? Shiiiiieeeet.


I love an even contest between bat and ball.


If you can’t make runs on this, rethink your career.


Geez I’m confident that Finch, Khawaja, MMarsh and Paine can dig in and grit out slow runs on this sort of deck…


There are synthetic tracks harder to bat on than this pitch.

I get the feeling that this test is going to be a flogging of monumental proportions. Pakistan to make 600+, we will be rolled for 150 and 300 (or something like that).