Cricket Part II


Renshaw wasn’t picked because he still had concussion is what they are saying.


P-Siddy gets an early breakthrough, dismissing Abbas by hitting the top of off. Pakistan 4/264


I legit thought Siddle was retired.


So a huge crowd turnout, reckon there’s about 3 in the entire stadium? Surely could have put it somewhere where people would want to see it…


Back to Siddle? I know he’s a honest toiler but we really have no one else to cover Hazelwood? No other young exciting bowler? Holland looks less effective than Bryce McGain…


Problem is players won’t got to the crowds as it would mean going to Pakistan. Doesn’t help that they started the match on a Sunday - which is the first day of the working week in Dubai.


He looks the pick of the quicks too… jeez we’re fcked.

What happened to Pattinson and Cummins? Still dead?


And that it hovers between 38-42 degrees this time of year. Admission prices our out of the realms of affordability for most of the Pakistanis that work in the UAE also


bit strange that Mitch Marsh has only bowled 6 overs, while Starc has bowled 30. You would think you would be using Marsh more to give Starc a rest


I thought that yesterday. Could’ve given Head a few overs as well.


I swear we say that every test. “Why don’t they bowl Marsh more?”…allrounder that never bowls.


Definitely under used the part timers. Lyons about to hit 50 overs and god only knows how many more he’s going to have to bowl this series




Then he does bowl and everyone goes “ohhhhh that’s right”


Pattinson hit a ton for Vic 2nds today.


If he is being picked as a batsman then we are truly ■■■■■■, like WI levels of ■■■■■■


That ship has sailed though surely. This is the worst Australia team I’ve seen. Looking forward to watching us make this pitch look like a ■■■■■■■ minefield when we bat.


Think they have put Mitch Marsh in cotton wool with his bowling to a large extent given his batting importance. The sad facts are that you can easily argue Mitch Marsh is one of our best 2 bats outside Australia in the current team. Even sadder is his brother is probably the best.


Oh, stop it! :joy::joy:


pretty close to it imo