Cricket Part II


An abrasive pitch - so the absence of Bancroft and Warner not a factor!


We still have two very good bowlers in Starc and Lyon. Conditions clearly against Starc and the Pakistani batsmen doing enough to keep him out. So there is something to work with once we get home.


Marnus strikes before tea. A well pitched leg break that bounces and gets a faint edge, well caught by Paine. Pakistan 5-417 at Tea.


The Australian bowlers will cause havoc back in home conditions. Pitches like this one, bowling first you just have to hope that Alton produces a few worldie’s.

Australia have probably the best bowling attack in the world, but they need to keep Starc fit. Pitches like this one give him nothing so you don’t want to be burning him out before the summer even really begins

Maxwell with his spinners could of been a decent option on this pitch, just for something different and he adds to the batting


Can’t keep Marnus out of the action. Sharp piece of fielding at mid-wicket sees him run out Baba at the keeper’s end. The throw right over the bails. Not sure how he will go with the bat but he certainly is doing his bit in the field!


Finch drops one at slip off that man Marnus. Looks like Paine’s gloves may have obscured his sighting of the ball as he reacted very late. Another top delivery from the part-time leg spinner.

6-441. New ball finally taken.


7-456. Lyon gets his 2nd, smartly caught by Paine as Sohail tried to cut one too close to his body. Out for 110.


Is he still subsisting on bananas? :grin:


Nice start by Finch.
I don’t think it was a good start to Paine captaincy. I don’t think he was nearly imaginative enough with bowling combinations. Delaying new ball, not giving it to Siddle.
You never know what is decided by the captain and what by the coaches though.


In context that was an excellent performance from siddle


Sorry, I should have clarified, I am thinking more about the batting than the bowling.


Oh the batting is a disgrace. Incredible it can get that bad. Once upon a time players needed in excess of 6000 FC runs to even get a look in. Now as long as you hit a four through the covers you can get at number 4.


Starc and Lyon are the only players that have any business being in the Australian Test XI at the moment.


Very harsh on Paine.

Rest are crabs or journeymen tho.


How is it harsh on Paine?
He’s a very nearly 34 year-old with one first class ton.
Historically would not get a look in to the Australian XI and imo shouldn’t be there now.
Let alone the friggin’ captain.


Paine was a joke of a selection. His own state didn’t think he was good enough for them, now he’s the Australian captain.

He symbolises how far we have fallen.

But he’s a nice guy from Tasmania so we all need to support him, apparently.


At the very least it seems clear that no bowler will ever be an Australian captain again.


I reckon they fact they can’t stay on the park for more than 3 matches in a row rules it out.




They don’t have the guts to.