Cricket Part II


As I said, CA, Lehman and the selectors have a lot to do with what is going on now. These blokes are quite talented, the issue is though they have been pushed into T20 cricket which requires no great technique and is ruining them.

They are talented, they have been ruined technique wise due to CA.


We are ■■■■■■■ ■■■■



that’s a sad card



Although thanks to my mate informing me that SA were $2.46 before the start of play…


Bird, Cummins, Patinson, Burns, Renshaw…
Throw in Smith, Warner and the other bloke…Bancroft.

The team has problems, the entire set-up has problems, but I don’t have any time for this ‘Australia’s no good because they’re jerks.’
That’s just really stupid.


I reckon it has a lot to do with our best players never playing domestic cricket unless it’s 20/20 hit and giggle stuff once they start their international careers. Any young guys rising through the ranks only get to face the also rans, the never were’s, the old guys sliding into retirement, and young guys like themselves. And the coaches and selectors have no balls. And favouritism is rampant. We run almost the perfect recipe for disaster.


Development at State and district level is apalling aswell. Trav has had the same technical flaws since a junior and yet he hasn’t been pulled up on it. Having been myself involved at junior district level in the past I’ve seen how shocking it has become


Burn it all down and start again


That’s what they did.


Wonder if Foxtel bought the rights to all the lethal weapon movies
Might need to crack open a couple of them after dinner


Usually, it’s Robert Craddock interviews with Dean Jones or Merv Hughes or Len Pascoe or…


Awesome movies!


Did they though?

It’s time for the root and stem approach.

Domestic cricket used to be our greatest advantage, its now holding us back.


theres a perfect example of the bull ■■■■ that is cricket…

20 overs to go and you play the ramp shot…

work if for 2 then go again

its pathetic!


That’s the technique issue and the impact of T20 cricket.


Some awful shot selections.

And techniques.

This is abysmal.


I think it was more just not thinking through the situation and playing the percentages


situational awareness…your the last batsmen your job is to be there at over 50!


Coulter Nile playing some good shots. Will end up as the top scorer you would think for australia


15 overs to go 5 an over gives you 200…at least thats something for the bowlers to bowl at…