Cricket Part II


Most of this group have been heavy players of T20. That is something that isn’t required and it shows in their game.

As I said, Langer has got a lot of rebuilding to do.


Not even bothering to knock it around for 2 or 3 an over and getting a reasonable score, just blast away and hope for the best.


I was just saying that before. They’re still miles off law, Siddons, Cox, Maher, lehmann etc eho couldn’t get a look in half the time.


Die hard for me.
Then naked gun


Feels like our entire line-up consists of number 6 batsmen. Good for a slog or a quick 30, not so good for anything else.


Our whole line-up is headfucked, don’t know who the captain or coach is going to be, what they stand for, or what they want. All playing for themselves.

All these guys (bar Short) were part of decent ODI sides under Lehmann. All look trash now.

Coach needs to go.




How great is it listening to a commentary team that doesn’t include Healy,Taylor,Brayshaw and slater.


How come wade isn’t playing,is he injured. His record in ODIs is pretty good isn’t it?


The ridiculous thing is that T20 appears to have ruined our 1st Class batting ability without producing a decent T20 side either.

Oh, and that an international match isn’t on free to air is also a disgrace.

Why is cricket struggling for interest, I wonder?

Never mind, we just have to put up with that stupid long form of the game for a month or two then we can all sit back and enjoy the Big Bash through the prime cricket months.


Was Coulter-Niles first over trash or was it deKock being deKock?


Coulter-Nile is trash


Mark Waugh just STFU!
“The new ground in Perth doesn’t allow the breeze into the stadium so our bowlers are having trouble swinging it”

Um, did the Saffers bowl in a different stadium?


If he could bowl he’d be close to an all-rounder, unfortunately he can’t


Yeah but why the hell is he opening the bowling in the first place


Uhhh, he’s from Western Australia.


You reckon he’s doing a good job?


He only just got it and has lost his two best batsmen and been given a basket case team who have lost their way, morally, mentally and physically. Not sure what you expected from him so quickly?


What’s the point of 5 overs then a lunch break in an odi?


You are teapot