Cricket Part II


Henry if you went back and looked at the progression of our discussion you will see that you’ve created an argument out of nothing.

I made a comment that Handscomb was not established in the test team. Of course he’s not, he’s not even in the team. I said in the same post that he is in my best 11. How you managed to disgaree with me when we both agree on this point is ‘odd’.

I also said Marsh had a brilliant summer followed by 2 bad tours (ie SA & UAE). So it’s obvious I was talking about summer at home against the poms where Marsh batted 4 times and averaged 100+ (according to howstat).

The only point of disagreement is I’d pick MMarsh at 6 in tests at home this summer, not because he’s a standout selection but I want a 5th bowler so we don’t destroy the careers of 3 brilliant quicks and he is well ahead of the other options, not to mention his best is brilliant.


There’s a difference between “out of form” and “not good enough”.
Marsh has proven not to be good enough. He’s had 5 scores in 51 innings!!!

He is not even in the top 20 bats in the country. And he is our Test vice captain.
And the fact the Test coach is close mates with his old man has absolutely everything to do with it.

You can quote the big ton he made when he came in at 4/900 in a dead rubber against England. Yay for him. Pats on the back all round.



More cool aid, I’m afraid
Avg 8.2 overs and 0.68 wickets per bowling innings.
Maxwell bowls more (8.5 overs), and has taken more wickets (.89 per innings)
Labuschagne has bowled more (12 per innings) and taken more wickets (1.75)


I don’t particularly rate Labuschagne’s batting but his bowling looks a lot better than Marsh’s.


I think JLs channelling his inner 86 big V coach by the looks of it. Ironically enough it seems the better players seem to be coming from WA, but you might include selector favourites in that one. How many times can you reference marsh brothers in a thread? is there a limit?

I cant remember our last decent allrounder since Steve Waugh stopped bowling. Tom moody? theres got to be someone else. wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that angry tubby south aussie allrounder got a run the way we are travelling. I forget his name but I think he got games for the hurricanes last year.

If mitch turns out a bust, and we wont find out for a bit because they’ve invested to much into him, I don’t know where its going to come from. CA are desperate for one genuine one. I don’t think weve got anyone that fits that classification that I think a quality allrounder should; bat middle order, averages 35 plus and as a bowler wicket every 40 balls or so and that annoying quality partnership breaking ability. and can field. and play piano accordion.

Stoinis is about all I can think of. the leap from shield and test seems a bit too much seems a bit too much for everyone these days anyway.


Greg Matthews and Mark Waugh.


I assume Hanscombe will get a Test gig now.


I disagree very very much with the “the leap is too much from shield to test”
It is a big leap. Granted. And many fail.

But the current selectors have a very very bad habit of giving guys one shot - often when they’re not really ready - and if they don’t make a go of it from the outset, putting them on the scrap heap forever.

Compare to 90s/00s side: Langer failed when he was young, Buck Rogers, Hayden was terrible in his first Test run, Lehmann same boat. Even Punter got dropped early doors.

they all went back to shield, and made lots of runs, and earned another shot, and came back much, much better players, second time around.

To me there’s no difference between them and Burns, Handscomb, renshaw. Just didn’t quite stick it first time. But now they’re making oodles of runs. And the Test batting line-up sucks.
So… why aren’t they in the side again?


If I was Aussie selector, this is the team I’d go with for the First Test, taking into account current form and career records with an eye to the future:

Renshaw (If he’s seen as a long-term Test opener, pick him and back him in)
Finch (Reasonably successful in the UAE, so you can’t drop him…)
Khawaja (Fitness pending)
Handscomb (If he gets another score between now and the First Test he has to be selected)
Labuschagne (The jury is still out, but there’s something about him. Last Test knock was encouraging)
Wade (4 Shield 50s in 4 innings. Another substantial knock and you’d have to pick him as a specialist bat)

Keeper and bowlers pick themselves, the rest is a crapshoot. Is Khawaja any chance to be fit?


Waja isn’t even weight bearing yet. How long until the first Test?


6th December. So 4 weeks or thereabouts…


Zero chance they pick Wade. He’s a scrapper with some aggots to him.


Having picked my XI, I can see a real left-field selection coming. Someone like Sam Heazlett from Qld. He got picked for an ODI game before he’d even played a Shield or List A match for the Bulls. He’s already made a Shield ton this season. If he gets another he’s the type of “bolter” the Aussie selectors would take a punt on…



But Burns to open, assume Khawaja out, Finch to five or six.


All done within a month.


Then we have a 2-Test series v SL to finish off…


Patto’s back ■■■■■!


yep - tests on Jan 24 Brisbane and Feb 1 Canberra

but with ODIs against India on 12, 15 18 Jan before them.


I don’t know why i’m confident but I still expect to beat India


Labuschagne scored 81 in 4 innings with a top score of 43 and an averahe of 20. He’s scored no runs in his 3 shield innings back but he’s a lock for the first test according to some here because he got a few wickets in the UAE. Should not be even close to getting a game in Australia.