Cricket Part II


Nah. Marsh has some ability. Moises is a ■■■■■■■ turnip.


Henriques and m marsh have pretty similar fc averages


Says a fair bit about them


sangha and edwards both in the runs and come from nsw. do like the look of edwards though. but in a few years away from the highest level so there are young ones in the future wings. qld and nsw have some good young talent. s.a have a good young un in ferguson


The ferguson who’s 33? Have you been smoking crack with sameolds?


tongue in cheek


This thread makes me question everything.

I agree on Edwards. One to watch.


its like a cat chasing its tail. there are some talented young ones out there but i fear i won’t see them thrive


Can see it happening.
We pick him before he’s ready, he makes a few rookie mistakes, we crucify him for it and he never plays Tests again.


its seems to be the way would seem that they nurture.spoil them for 6 years and are in a rush to get their dividends.


England do it as well. We throw some guys in the deep end before they are truly ready- they struggle and then they are never seen from again. Or a guy like Compton who was a real grafter- had been around the county scene for ages, made tons of runs. Made a really good score of about 80 (200ish balls) against a really strong South Africa side. From memory we either won or drew.

After the game Bayliss criticized him for going to slow, next game he goes out cheaply trying to score too quickly(which is not his game at all). Gets dropped and i think never played for England again.


Compton would get a game for the Aussie team based purely on lineage


And the soccer team.

I know Denis played for Arsenal…did he play for England too?


Fergussons an ideal step up to replace Paine as skipper, or at least fill the breach until someone like Cummins comes through. Henriques as VC in the meantime.
May as well get that experience into him while he’s young.


Ferguson is one of the most inconsistent batsmen you’ll ever see. He’ll have a good spell, then hardly make a run for 4 matches.

I don’t think he’s in our top 15 batsmen.


Further more, if we’re going to revamp CA, get some forward thinkers in.

Get Greg Matthews in - we need those kind of thinkers.

Colin millers not being utilised either.

Shake things up.


Now you’re just trying to bait HAP


To be fair though, saying anything about cricket bait’s HAP at the moment.


Only stupid things though. Like Henriques as VC (or even being picked to play for Australia)


Vice are going to spew the game that got away. Had SA 8 down with a 50 run lead, then couldn’t knock over the 9th wicket for a long time. Pushed it into day 4 where the heavens have opened.