Cricket Part II


my boy jack made a ton for nsw and sangha is still going. hopefully we don’t see them in the tests for a few years. let them get hardened up with a few shield seasons.


102 to win with 8 wickets in hand. Rain may be holding off. If they can get 25 overs bowled (one session) , then it’s 4 or so runs an over. Ground will be slow. And the pitch may be lively. Going to be interesting.


Let’s not forget that Sangha made a pair of spectacles last week.


thats cricket for you.its a bit like heart rhythm hopefully not like mine


It was going fine until I mentioned mo.


And he lost his wicket to Matt Wade.


Hasd a chuckle at this on cricinfo:

The young batsman, who was run out in all three T20I innings against Pakistan, will act as cover for Shaun Marsh after his minor surgery


Appears to be another band of rain on the way though, might still be pushed back.

Edit - Unfortunately yep:


Only got themselves to blame


People think the aussie batsmen at the moment are bad, the England batters are just as bad!!


Vic vs Sth Aust match a draw


Certainly the England batsmen are a lot worse than the Aussie batsmen — but the Aussie batsmen aren’t bad.

It’s the selectors who are bad. Those þricks couldn’t pick their noses. Look at all the good batsmen who keep getting passed over for the favourite sons.

Yes, I know that our two best batsmen are serving a ban — an extremely harsh penalty for what they actually did. But they certainly wrought for it: Warner, great natural batsman though he may be, has a two-digit IQ allied to a constitutional inability to follow orders, or even to take advice. Sniff worked his erse off to become the best batsman in the country and is a nice guy as well. However, he’s too blooðy nice: he should never have been made captain, because he’s temperamentally unsuited to giving orders, to telling headstrong idiots like Warner to pull their heads in. Another failure by the selectors.

So we’re deprived of our two best-performing batsmen. Fine — but where are the other four ? Indeed, as well as the six batsmen you pick, there are always a couple of reserves waiting, in case of injury.

Have a look at the Victorian Shield team. You could pick all six of their batsmen to play in the Test team, plus Wade, and you’d have a better batting line-up than the present one.

As for captain — isn’t it time a BOWLER was considered ? Pat Cummins, for example !

This fish is definitely rotting at the head. Prosser was effectively sacked; Tubby has retired himself; it’s time to sack the rest of the Board, the Selectors and the new Coach — because he’s too close to Papa Marsh, one of the worst openers ever to play for Australia, whose two sons are doing their damnedest to follow in Dad’s footsteps, and take us all down the primrose path with them.

BTW, this may or may not be relevant, but with regard to the new Coach’s surname, it’s the standard euphemism used in Ireland for þenis…


2 digits- that’s generous. The warner thing can be summed up best as the least remediated took over the remedial school.

You’ll never guess what happened next…


England have a lot of issues. Batting Moeen Ali at 3 whilst his captain hides at 4. How can you succeed when your best bat and leader won’t step up to the responsibility? 6/164, Buttler just got out. SL are far from world beaters themselves. Can see this being very much a bowler dominated series…


I don’t think he is hiding, he has scored a lot more runs at 4 than he does at 3.

The only explanation for playing Ali at 3 is becuase he is good against spin. Still a head scratcher though


Just saw the English team, where are all the blokes they brought out here last summer? Looks like they’ve turned over at least 7 players since then. Where’s Malan?


Malan got dropped after poor form with the bat in NZ from memory

Vince looks good in parts but then would always get caught behind going for drives

Broad was dropped to make way for another spinner


Malan had a very poor English summer. I don’t think much of Jennings but he is a good player of spin so his selection sort of makes sense. Ali at 3 does not. The guy is not good enough to bat in the top 6 in a Test side, so putting him at first drop is ridiculous whilst Root refuses to step up and take responsibility.


Just counted, exactly 7 changes to the team that played the 5th ashes test

Outs: cook, stoneman, vince, malan, bairstow, broad, crane

You don’t get consistency with that many changes


I hope that there’s a call of “that’s all, Foakes” when Foakes gets out.

Without Rex’s “yibbida, yibbida”