Cricket Part II


didn't need them


sorry guys. tuned in earlier. smith out first ball i see.

Checked the score five minutes ago, handscombes wicket falls.


Wade is in pretty good nick, if he can stay around and big show hang in.... could muster a 150-180 lead


So genuine greatness continues to elude Warner. Another away series of poor form.


We'll be lucky to get a 100 run lead


5 for already ... FMD. Long haul back from here ...


Stupid review that one, .. now lost both. That's a good thing.


Warner's average in this series is 24.12, his 3rd lowest in any series.
He averaged 13 in NZ in 2015-16 (2 Tests) and 23 in Ashes 2013.
In India in 2012-13, he averaged 24.37.
Do not take on overseas tours. Use in Australia Only. Reputation damaged.


They still have one - that wasn't a review


Renshaw had a terrible match. Total of 9 runs and two dropped catches that proved costly.
Pity for the promising young batsman who has made a good contribution to the series.


Jadeja's appealing is a disgrace


Flat track bully.
Take him away from our drop in roads and he's not worth squat.


Thanks, I was just about to ask that question, ..


and .... FARK!


If they bowl the two Yadev's this game will be over in 5 mins


Matthew Wade with insanely patient batting that can only end in pain


Fkn India.


Thats that, ... no point watching anymore is there?


It's Test cricket. Anything can happen


Hazelwood pull out an Agar??