Cricket Part II


haha. Fat chance


I don't know much, but I do know Lyon should be batting at 11. It's either sweeping fours or out.


oh my.


what's happening?
out or not?


Looks like it won't matter


106 to win


Anyone see Smith mouth "fucking cheat" then?


Who to?


I just reckon Shaun Marsh needs eight more chances and he'll come good.


No one in particular. Was on the balcony. A catch got overturned and he saw it and said those words.

But cameras saw it.

Can't remember who claimed the catch


Vijay - in his defence he would have thought he caught it cleanly.


Australia went full Essington mode - you never go full Essington


Lot on Smith's shoulders in this batting order. Despite Handscomb and Marsh last test batting to save it. You just had the feeling he needed to pull out another big innings here if we were a chance which is a heck of a lot to ask, really.


If Kohli has sore shoulders imagine how Smith's are, carrying the whole team.


Not over yet.

On a side note, what a bloody picturesque ground. Would love to watch a game in Dharamsala one day. Maybe invite the Dalai Lama...


SA 6-132 chasing 487

Weatherald 60 Holland 4, Pattinson 2


Need 10/79


Now need 9/59


Pujara run out for 0. Maxwell good throw.


Nice chuck by Maxy.