Cricket Part II


Not sure but he still hasn't learnt how to drink appropriately.

"At an official Cricket NSW function I became intoxicated and made highly inappropriate comments. There is no excuse for this and I take full responsibility and offer an unconditional apology,” he said.
"I have a big challenge ahead and I am determined to meet it with actions, not just words.
"To all of the members of the cricket family I love and respect so much, again, apologies for letting you down.”


If alcohol causes you to behave in a socially adverse or destructive fashion...then don't fucking drink.

Plenty of people can drink and not make complete arseholes of themselves, plenty can't.

In fact, alcohol has helped ugly people have sex for yonks.


You're kidding yourself if you don't think there'll be a marsh there


Lehmann was suggesting the other day that Maxwell was only in line as #6 if they didn’t want the bowling option of Marsh.

Marsh should be forced to go back and do what Cartwright did…make a shitload of runs at Shield level. A veritable Bonanza for Cartwright.


I'd take Maxwell over Marsh any day. At least Maxwell makes runs, quickly or not and can actually score over 10. I also hope they replace S Marsh with Khawaja asap.


If marsh is the bowling option then why did he only bowl around 8 overs in India?

And pretty sure that's not the first time SO'K has been in trouble due to alcohol. Surely you can't be getting picked to represent Australia with these kind of problems (these days anyway)


I don't think were scheduled to play another test in asia for 2 years. SO'K isn't getting any younger, but he'd still be 34 at that time, so if his form is still okay and he can sort his sh!t out, he might still get another game.


The Marsh family must have some photo’s that would put Bolton’s to shame.


Chris Lynn(sanity) goes crazy in the IPL. 93* (41 balls 6 x 4s 8 x 6s)


Exactly. This is the biggest deceit of the whole MMarsh thing. He's far more talented a bowler than bat, but he comes in as a Test #6 who bowls 5 overs an innings. He's the wrong fit.
Test side needs a Stoinis/Maxwell style all-rounder, good enough to bat top 6 on their own merits, with the bowling a bonus into the bargain.
I'd be inclined to view MMarsh only as an opening bowler for India/Sri Lanka, when your openers bowl a 5 over spell to start and another 5 over spell with the 2nd new ball. He gets found out at number 6, but I think he'd be a weapon at 8.


Those bleached tips? shocker!


M.Marsh has yet to prove he is first class standard. Worst selection in my time following cricket.


Selectors don't like Faulkner and Khawaja anymore, both dumped from the Aussie ODI side.


I see your Mitch Marsh and I raise you Beau Casson.


Difference is Beau Casson got one or two tests - Marsh over 20 tests.


He'd get a guernsey for every single State, no doubt whatsoever.
Big big gap between decent State/County player and Test player. Especially given he's not really sure (as yet) whether he's a bowler who bats or vice versa. He's just good enough to do a bit of both in Shield without being good enough for either string to win him a Test spot.


Yeah look I don't think Mitch Marsh being selected was a bad decision.

His continued selection, on the other hand, surely borders on some sort of national disgrace.


lol nice one Virat...

A cricket team boasting the talents of superstars Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers has collapsed for just 49 runs to set an embarrassing new record in the Indian Premier League.


An investment bank is urging C9 to drop it's cricket coverage if it can't secure exclusive broadcast rights for all cricket played in Australia, including the Big Bash as it currently loses around $40m per year. Not sure how this will play out be you can see a fragmented television future for cricket where only England and India Test matches and the Big Bash are televised free-to-air with everything else left to pay tv. Cricket seems to be going the same way as RU.


Channel 9 commentators hurt cricket more than the game itself