Cricket Part II


I start watching at 0-220 and few overs later 3-236. Another aussie collapse.


Becoming as bad as the Australian Swim team, all hype, all talk, constantly ■■■■ results.


We win the WC’s that’s all that matters at ODI level. These are just practice matches


Yep, these games are all about finding who can cut it at this level and giving young guys some experience.

Nobody is going to remember who won this series in two years time


Can’t believe some of the defence of Stokes on social media by some English journos. I don’t care what was said or how many bottles were swung the fact he carried on is a disgrace. He should have defused the situation and walked away. As a vice-captain he has shown horrible leadership. Hales on the other hand was doing the right thing by trying to get Stokes to stop his assault.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he struggles to get a visa into Australia with charges likely to be pending.


I can. They won’t return with the Urn without him.


Yep, it’s entirely predictable.
They will paint him as a saint. Just watch.


Aiden Markram, on debut for South Africa, just ran himself out for 97 trying to give Elgar a single for his ton.

And there’s some Bangladesh fielder who’s a deadset pain in the a**e, trying to encourage his teammates. Comes across as desperation though.

Bangladesh caps are of three different colours - brown, blue and green. Looks shithouse.


They are going all out and saying he was a hero for sticking up for two gay men who were being verbally abused. I know that when i have defended a gay person I went on the attack and punched int he head of the abuser, it’s what we should all do. Violence is the best option and should be applauded according to some of the British media.


There it is!


After watching that video it’s crazy to think England are going to let give get off without a suspension. He could have killed that guy


Stokes and Hales have been suspended until further notice. ECB to wait until further evidence and reports before making decision.


What do they need now that they have the footage?


I agree, it’s pretty clear from the video. He should be sacked.


Locked up would be more appropriate. Don’t care what was said or how many bottles were swung. You don’t react and swing punches like he did. Absolute thuggery.

We should remind the English of David Hookes’ death. Just one of many examples of one punch killing.


What a loser:


Such a classy individual. I wouldn’t want him in my team.

I understand he’s a gun but terrible people shouldn’t have their flaws overlooked.


Matt Dawson (former England Rugby player) was on the radio this morning.

Did the classic move, said “the right things” about how it was irresponsible and that he shouldn’t have been out late and that there are no excuses. Then proceeded to roll out a bunch of excuses and a defence of his actions… celebrities get targeted… he was defending someone from a homophobic attack… the other guy had a bottle…

I can sort of understand the sentiment that he was defending someone, but there was a point in the video where he went from a grey area of arguably defending someone to being the aggressor in the situation. It ended when he floored someone who had their hands up and was backing away. Whatever happened in the lead up shouldn’t be an excuse for that. IMO Stokes and the other guy should both face charges.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out. For all the people mounting a defence of him, there are people wanting to tear him down. Tabloid media thrive on this stuff (one of the reasons the video is public).

For what it’s worth I think he’ll make it onto the tour.



Terrific news for Australia…

Shaun Marsh 132* and 88 in his first two JLT games.

Maddinson made 137 today.

Two guys I don’t want to see anywhere near the Test side again.