Cricket Part II


Harris run out for 103

Then Finch came in and scored 33 runs off 2 overs from Zampa while Handscomb hardly faced a ball.
Now Finch on 33 and Handscomb 25

Tassie had Silk and Doolan make 40-50 odds while Bailey, Doran, McDermott and Webster made 1 run between them.
Bailey looks as if he’s done something horrible to his stance…got bowled for 0. Wade on 17.


Can put a line through Wade for the Ashes.
Was given 3 Shield games to make runs and has failed dismally in the first two.


Handscomb out for 44, c&b Lehmann, first first-class wicket
Finch not out 44


Again?!? Didn’t work last time. Wade gone for 17. Neville will be ‘keeping for Australia on Brisvegas unless something very dramatic happens between now and then.


Tassie were 1/92, now 9/122…5 ducks and Wade got 17 of those 30.

Feldman has 4.


Wow. Domestic comp bats are getting worse.


Was pleased to see Ian Chappell slap down Smith’s comments about wanting a vocal keeper:

“Now I hear Steven Smith say: “I’ve spoken to Pete [Nevill]; we had a chat and I said I probably just need a little bit more from you, and I need you to drive the boys and get the boys up and about”.
“If that is shorthand for wanting Nevill to talk more on the field, then I disagree.
“The three best wicketkeepers I’ve seen were Rod Marsh and Ian Healy from Australia and Alan Knott from England. All three had a few things in common: they were excellent glovemen, they were thoughtful and contributed ideas that helped the team take wickets, and they could bat.
That is the order of preference you should be looking for in wicketkeepers.”


Vics undoing their good work with a late collapse


Sorry Ian, but if you haven’t got Gilly in your top 3, then you haven’t been paying attention.


Sayers with 3 wickets in the last over of the day, on a hat trick tomorrow


Gilly wasn’t The best keeper…he was the best keeper-batsman, not to say the other three were ordinary bats.


What does Lehman Jr bowl? His old man was useful with the ball.


Left arm tripe.
His bowling is pretty ordinary


Remind me of the famous self-deprecating quote from the legendary Arthur Mailey.

“I bowled tripe, I wrote tripe, and now I sell tripe”


Gilly was our ‘keeper. Chappell lists batting as a key component of what makes a good ‘keeper. When he includes that then Gilly towers over all three he mentioned.


As the third factor.

Maybe the other three were much better at the first two.

Anyway, it’s his opinion. It’s not a fact.


Yeah, the opinion of a man who hasn’t played at the top level for close to 40 years and one who loves to stick to his ‘old school’ values. I’d be more inclined to put faith in what Stve Smith thinks the team needs than him, he’s with the team constantly and would probably have a good idea about what gets them up and about.

And : so nice of him to include a fellow Ch.9 commentator in his top 3, they really do love pumping up each other’s tires, that lot.


Hrm, if a team of professional athletes with 11 ppl on the field who are all capable of talking need a vocal keeper to win, god help us.


Healy was one of the most vocal WK you will ever find. Just wouldn’t shut up. So I am surprised he included him as one of the three because it sort of defeats what he is saying.

I also don’t think Smith was just saying he wanted a vocal WK and nothing else, he was indicating that Nevill was struggling to be the support Smith was looking for. Marsh, Healy, Gilly, they were all really helpful to the captains, often adjusting the field or making suggestions, ones that proved to be right. I think Smith is saying the Nevill doesn’t do that, he isn’t a support much to Smith while Wade is very vocal and helpful.

I will also say that Nevill isn’t dramatically superior to Wade, certainly better but not brilliant. So if he is going to be quiet and not make runs and only offer a little more consistency behind the stumps then he isn’t a better player for Smith.


There’s a fair few people (including me, and seemingly every side he’s ever coached) who ignore everything that comes out of Chappelli’s mouth.

The only good thing he did post playing was call Botham a ■■■■ on twitter.