Cricket Part II


Yeah, not what Smith is saying. He’s saying that’s what Nevill needs to bring to his game to add more value to the team. He wants 11 components performing as close to their optimum as possible. The keeper is in the thick of the action all the time and Smith doesn’t want a wallflower, he wants someone who is going to get involved.


Always pick the better guy with the gloves first and foremost and Nevill still is a million times better than Wade in that regards. Nice to have a keeper who can bat a bit but I’d take a keeper averaging 25-30 with the bat and reliable behind the stumps over a guy averaging 50+ who is poor behind the stumps


So you would never have picked Gilly then?


Gilly was still very good behind the stumps…had a couple of mishaps in his last games.

The Channel 9 commentator I object to most is Clarke. Just feel like punching him in his smug face. He’s saying Wade has to be picked.


Whilst not being the best glovesman of his era Gilly was still very, very good. Gilly was a solid 8-9/10 in that department. Wade is a 4/10


I’m just guessing but he might be sticking up for his mate. Wade and Phil Hughes were pretty close so I guess he would have spent a lot of time with Clarke.


Agree. He had to deal with Warne turning it at right-angles on fourth and fifth-day pitches and never embarrassed himself. Was excellent ‘keeping to the quicks as well. A very fine gloveman who worked hard at that aspect of his game.


Hat trick for Starc to end the WACA’s innings. Bancroft carried his bat


There won’t be any play in that match for at least the next two hours - it’s bucketing down in Sydney atm.


Gilly and Warnie were far from mates too, I gather. Might have explained why he wasn’t all that vocal behind the stumps.

I find yappers are just empty vessels.


But Warnie and Chappelli are, even before Warne joined the Ch.9 commentary team. Ian doesn’t miss an opportunity to sink the boot into Steve Waugh and he probably doesn’t even rate Gilly in his top ten. They stick together this lot.


A lot of time lost due to rain in the WA v NSW match at Hurstville - I’d expect some quick runs from the Blues’ bats, hopefully Warner gets going.


I’m not a big fan of Steve Waugh’s captaincy. Sent teams in to bat on good decks, and enforced the follow-on whenever he was able…purely because we were so much better than everybody else. I was surprised more bowlers didn’t break down.


Nah, they don’t rate him because he dropped Warne in the West Indies. :grinning:


Warner our early as NSW look for quick runs to give themselves enough time to dismiss WA. 115 ahead and Maddison looking very good - 17 off 20.


When you consider he was facing the Australian attack in bowler-friendly conditions, it’s a mighty effort.


He had a big year to start his career, and has been decidedly average to ordinary ever since. He was probably equal favourite with Renshaw to replace Burns last year, but just couldn’t buy a run.


Maddinson out for 22. Very loose technique.

He’s never going to open for Australia in red-ball cricket. You’d rather that Hughes, who is a prospect, opened in his natural position. Maddinson and Warner are too alike.


Except Warner can score runs and Maddinson is shyte.


Ferg withhis usual second innings runs. 140no at stumps apparently