Cricket Part II


Hasn’t Bancroft put his name up as opener, number 6 and also as a replacement keeper? He’s the answer to all our holes apparently


I agree with Paz, currently she is the best in world cricket.

She may not be by the end of summer though.


Doesn’t surprise me that you agree with pazza.

She had a very good game. She had some pretty mediocre ODIs.

I’d rate the Indian woman, is it Harmonpeet Kaur, as a better bat. And maybe a few male cricketers.

She’s certainly the best to play international ricket and international soccer in the last 20 years.


Best in her field but I’m not getting into any arguments about the standard or Women’s cricket



Let her face the Aus men’s test attack and see how many runs she gets. Ditto bowling to the men’s test batting line up.

Agree she is the best women’s cricketer in the World. But that’s where it ends.


Utterly taking the p*ss for anyone that thinks legitimatley in their right mind that she is the best batter in the world for mens. Utterly insane and if it needs explaining you’re a deadset moron.


Sarah Taylor who was the ICC Women’s player of the year in 2015 came over and played for my local district club in SA. Played mainly B grade and hardly made a run and was gifted a game in the A grade and kept ok but was horrid with the bat. As good as Perry is she wouldn’t make a run in any A grade district comp let alone at Shield level


Perry is the best female cricketer in the world. But as for best cricketer (both sexes) in the world…pls


Bancroft with a 100, have to say he’s definitely in - not sure what spot


You lot are hilarious, you take everything so seriously.


Some serious question marks about Renshaw’s form at the moment. Failed again today.
I think they will still give him a go in the first test, but if he fails there, Bancroft will come in IMO.


Waugh has all but come out and said he is playing the first test. They are just disappointed he didn’t make runs to take the pressure off.


Bancroft averaging 99 in the Shield this season and a better keeper than Wade, by weight of numbers he has to come under consideration. Even as a pure batter I’d rather have him at 5 or 6 than guys like Maxwell or Henriques


I’d go:

Bancroft (keeper)


Whoever they pick as ‘keeper, I just hope they stick with them for the entire series.


That’s pretty much how it will go. Aside from Bancroft, the only other ‘iffy’ one is Maxwell, I’m not sure he’s done enough to be picked. The thing that he’s got going for him and s that there isn’t anyone else who is banging on the door.


It’s a small sample though, only 2.5 Shield games and it wiuld be considered a gamble if they go that way. Might be a gamble worth taking unless Nevill tons-up in Brisbane.


I would have Cartwright over Maxwell (which bumps Bancroft down to 7) at this point, but otherwise yep.
There’s probably really only 2 spots up for grabs, 6 and WK.


Bancroft 161 no at stumps for WA


Tasmania 172, Bailey with 106 and silk with 36. Think in the last game they had two players who scored all but 30 of their runs as well. Their batting line up is atrocious