Cricket Part II


Call me mad, but I took Pazza’s comment to mean she is far ahead of any other female cricketer and no current male stands out in their field like Perry does. Never did I think he was claiming she was the best outright cricketer in the world.


You don’t know pazza very well, do you? This is among his less controversial offerings.

PS you’re mad!


M.Marsh is captain of WA ! - He is yet to show he is first class standard, while he averages a measly 28 with the bat - What a charmed life - And he played 21 tests.


SEN were reporting this morning that the strong inside mail is that the selectors will go with Cartwright and Nevill.


Haha I am mad. I keep thinking one day Pazza’s comments will make sense!


Vics collapsed this morning. Lost 6/10 to trail by 28. Tas 0/4 second dig


Yeah, well, you know what they say about expecting a different result…

And when they do start to make sense, you really know you’re in trouble.


Nevill our for 17 as the Blues take first innings’ points at AB Field.


Mitch Marsh scored 80 odd for WA, how long until Justin Langer declares he should be picked as the wicketkeeper for the first test?


Jake Doran is opening for Tas after coming into the XI as a sub for a concussed Jordan Silk.


Does being a ginger pencil head with a McKernan-like neck constitute concussion?


Dan Hughes left stranded on 98* as NSW post a lead of 88 in the first innings. Hoping Renshaw makes a few (but not too many) for QLD so he has some sort of form going into the first Test. Burns out first ball of the second innings to Doug Bollinger.


Renshaw our for 1.

Bancroft 228*


Renshaw in horrid form. Should be cashing in against the NSW B Grade bowlers


Sorry he actually scored 95, surely enough for Langer to declare him the next Bradman.


Renshaw making it hard for the selectors to pick him.

I don’t think they can. He needs to fin form at the lower level, you can’t throw him into an ashes series with that start to the summer


Understand Renshaw hasn’t done anything but his last test innings in Australia was 180. Would be very rough to drop him. I’m happy for Bancroft to come in and bat 6. I like the idea of having 2 rocks in our top 6.


I’m 50/50. Can understand the selectors wanting to stick with him but bringing someone in so horribly out of form in such a massive series could end up being disastrous for the team and his own development. It’s not the end of the world for him if he’s dropped, most players get dropped at least once in their careers (even Bradman!) and it might be for the best.

FWIW, I reckon they’ll still pick him.


Yeah. Bancroft > Maxwell or Cartwright


They want an all rounder for their bowling. Cartwright will get the nod IMO. Only way Bancroft comes in is for Renshaw or to keep