Cricket Part III


If Smith is back for the ashes then is there any need to keep Paine? His keeping is nowhere near as good as people thought it was and his batting does not make up for it.


I recall Smith’s and Warner’s punishments included bans on holding leadership positions after they returned. So we’ll still need to choose a captain and vice captain from the rest.


As suggested Smith is ineligible to hold a leadership position for at least 12mths.


His keeping is significantly better than those who are behind him in the pecking order.

And his batting isn’t what has him in the side, although it hasn’t been as woeful as one would have expected considering his FC record


Now that’s funny


Paine’s record is a bit of a misnomer, owing to his constant injury problems with the busted finger. He’d have had a incredible 1st class career if not for ■■■■■■■ Dirk Nannes!

I’m still comfortable that he’s our best wicket keeping option for test cricket at the moment. Wade’s quality is waaaaaaaaaaay overblown at the moment, it’s like he’s been reincarnated as MS Kumar Gilchrist. And not sure Carey is ready yet. Give it time.


I know. But his keeping alone has not been good enough to keep him in the side either


um, yeah it has… :thinking:


113 FC games. (That’s over 10 full seasons of Shield). 1 ton.



Get yer hand off it.


Reckon you might’ve struggled to get the best out of your potential if you’d had 7 surgeries and 8 pins in your busted hand.

Just to put into context how little cricket he’s played because maybe 113 1st class games seems like a lot… Adam Voges debuted 2 years earlier than Paine and played twice as many 1st class games. Phil Hughes debuted 2 years later and played 1 more game than Paine by the time he was dead at 25.
Paine hasn’t played more than a couple entire Shield seasons from start to finish without interruption. He’s never been able to get to England to play County cricket. He didn’t really play a single game from end of 2010 to 2012. He basically hasn’t managed more than 6-7 1st class games a year since his debut.

With passage of time maybe you have forgotten how good he was as a younger bloke, or maybe you never realised to be begin with. I know I was an unabashed fan of him as a younger bloke so I followed him reasonably closely. His average was pushing 40 back in ~2013 before yet another finger surgery interrupted his career. His subsequent career has been mediocre at best for sure, but he would’ve been a star if not for the finger injuries. And all for a pointless T20 exhibition match…

■■■■■■■ Dirk Nannes!


Um…no it hasn’t


Did the international cricket finish earlier than normal this year? Feels like we should still have more games to come…


Perhaps a touch. But they also started a bit earlier this year with the ODI series against SA and there’s a Limited overs tour to India later this month and into March.


You can take it as you want. When I’m feeling down some of yours improve my mood also.

Ive seen him a couple of times now, On varying decks. It was pleasurable for this purist anyway.

It’s my fantasy team anyway based on what if. That’s the last time I’ll explain to those who don’t read


There’s no doubt that Marsh’s best is/was world class, sadly seen all too infrequently. Although interestingly is ODI form this last 12 months has been sublime.


He’s 35.
He’s not out of form, he’s past it.

I’d certainly agree he’s as talented, and good to watch, as anyone we’ve produced since the early 00s. But he’s underachieved.


age hasn’t got much to do with it, plenty still going around - jimmy Anderson, alma don’t seem to be slowing down. hes not cooked. and any forms good form (for some, correct) according to CAs new criteria. you might have argued against yourself with that one.

anyone else going to England you may as well throw under those rocks Chevy chase knocked over in vacation.


Now that’s funny


Re-integration of David Warner and Steve Smith into the Australian team following their 12-month bans for the Newlands scandal may be staggered over the course of the World Cup and the Ashes this year, with the former captain’s more problematic elbow injury causing serious consideration of a conservative return to the game tailored to peak during the bid to retain the urn.


Age has everything to do with it. Marsh at his best is undoubtedly very good, but unfortunately that happens once every half dozen years or so. His time has come and gone, and unfortunately for him he pisssed his talent up against the wall for most of it. 17 odd years of not even reliably reaching mediocrity is enough. Someone else’s turn now.