Cricket Part III


The key to the S Marsh is the comment “when he is in form”. Unfortunately this occurs about as often a total solar eclipse.


oh you…




Yes - @reboot hits nail on head. S Marsh is more cooked than burnt to a crisp as a test batsmen.


and im not sure where the ■■■■■■■ up the wall, periods of uncertainty and seventeen years has anything to do with it.

if hes in form, if hes not injured and he isn’t currently micturating up a vertical surface in the eyes of selectors I recon he should be in. but that may not be enough as also alluded.

age has nothing to do with it. tim paine does it with three times the workload.

if you’ve got anyone else that fits the bill ill consider it but anyone else with 17 years worth of experience id be taking over a bunch of bully boys who took to pieces a pop gun attack.

that’s all ive said all a long and that’s all ill say on it. again.


This is the problem you aren’t getting. His test form is currently horrible and the only consistency he form has shown over his career is his inconsistency.

Have a look at these numbers - his test record over the past few years except for the Ashes last summer is horrible. For the 2017 and 2018 he averaged less than his age despite having averaging 74 in the Ashes .


And if the opposition doesn’t have an off-spinner.

Edit: lol. And true to form, I look it up and find he averaged (as at a year ago) 70 against off-spin.

17.6 and 11.6 against significant seam and swing respectively.


That maybe thebit you’re not getting.


Not getting what? It is clear to see Shaun Marsh has failed as a test cricketer and doesn’t deserve another chance. You need to account for the fact that he hasn’t scored a 100 in his last 10 tests and even more concerningly he has only scored 1 50 in his last 20 innings. He has only made 50 or more 16 times in 68 innings - a horrible set of numbers for a test batsmen.


And whom would be a better option as a pure keeper? It’s not Wade. Carey, I haven’t seen enough of in Shield cricket to have an opinion on in regards to his keeping. Besides those two there isn’t exactly anyone else who is A. a better keeper and B. a better batsman than the current captain of the Test team.

And even if we did bring Carey or Wade in, who would then be captain? Head? Cummins? Personally, I think it would ruin them which would be a total waste of their talent.


It’s like saying “ricky ponting, in form, is in the best side in the country”

There comes a point where even the most ardent fanboi has to admit someone who’s closer to 40 than 30, and “out of form”, is just plain done.


I would stick with Paine as is, but he’s just not that great a keeper.
Carey is the obvious successor. IMO a better keeper, and already has twice as many FC tons as Paine in a third of the games. Needs to string a few consistent seasons together.


I can only remember him dropping 1 catch, albeit the important one of Kohli


thank ■■■■ you’re not a selector


I remember him dropping quite a few half chances and letting heaps of byes through. Having grown up watching Healy keep wicket that is the standard I expect from a keeper playing for Australia. I don’t expect hundreds from a keeper but I hate dropped catches. I’m sick of commentators talking him up, there must be a better wicket keeper in Australia than him.


Byes off Starc definitely do not count as byes.


Healy may have ruined your expectations, you’re unlikely to find a keeper as good as him, especially nowadays when keepers need to be able to bat at an average above 30 at the very least. Unfortunately, keepers are forced to devote a greater percentage of their time to batting practise than they used to. T20 doesn’t help.


Pain just isn’t athletic enough, he can barely jump. I didn’t watch every ball of every over but the byes that I saw go though were tough but not impossible to stop. Maybe impossible for him.
As for batting imo you can’t afford a keeper that doesn’t take half chances.
A keeper who takes 2 half chances a game and does all the regulation stuff without fuss is better than a keeper who can average 40 but can’t reliably keep wicket. Just my opinion.


They may not be as good a keeper as him, but when you factor in the batting to the keeping, then Wade can provide more (on form). With our current batting line up we need a batting wicketkeeper, not a half-decent keeper. Carey is looking to the future.


“There must be”
Guess what, there ■■■■■■■ isn’t.
Half the byes that went against him should’ve been wides, they were ridiculous and he was no chance of getting to them. He dropped a total of 2 catches for the summer, fewer than his Indian counterpart.