Cricket Part III


Matty Wade is not Kumar Sangakara. He never has been. He never will be.


Wade might be getting runs in shield but his test record is very ordinary. It may not convert to test cricket. Even if it does he’s still a terrible wicketkeeper. We’re not better off with him as keeper.


It’s like people completely forget that he was dropped because he couldn’t bat or keep…


He certainly lost form with the bat.
His form is better now.
I don’t think it’s reasonable to say he can’t bat at test level.

Interestingly, Wade has twice as many stumpings from a similar amount of innings as Paine.

Eh, I don’t care.
Wade’s not the answer, Paine is just barely okay.


Wade is the worst Australian keeper I can remember and that includes Greg Dyer.
He is a good bat but should never keep in Tests again.


Even this is a significant overstatement.


I didn’t say he is in the top 10 bats in Australia… he isn’t!
But he is a good bat for his shield team and has batted well in the BBL.


If he’s not in Australia’s top 10 bats then he shouldn’t be near international selection as a batsmen.


Wut?Am I missing an in joke or something here?

We don’t select 10 batsmen, or 10 based on their fking batting.

By that rationale, you’d leave out the top 4 bowlers in the country if they weren’t top 10 or even 20 batsmen.

I’m sure you can’t/don’t mean that as it seems?


The suggestion was that he shouldn’t be keeping in the test side but could be picked as a batsmen. If he’s not in the 10 best batsmen in the country, how can you pick him in the test side as a batsmen?


I thought what you said was pretty obvious.


Ah. all good. Haven’t had my coffee yet.


Never seen such a hate-boner.


That’s a pretty useless stat without knowing how many stumping chances each of them had. It also doesn’t provide any proof that Wade can actually keep to a spinner.

Interestingly Paine’s test average with the bat is 7 runs higher than Wade’s, yet people want to bring Wade back to improve the batting


I wouldn’t say it’s a useless stat.
I’m happy with interesting.

And yes, Wade was actually dropped because he wasn’t making runs.
But he’s shown he can bat in Tests, and he’s certainly shown he can bat in Shield.
You can’t know, of course, but I strongly suspect he’d have done as well as Lamborghini.

I really think the difference between Paine and Wade is negligible, and given incumbency not really worth arguing about.
Paine will go the Ashes, and if he goes okay he’ll get another series, otherwise they’ll probably bring Carey in, ready or not.
Particularly if he has a good WC.


Paine wont be dropped until Smith is eligible to captain the side again. So he’s in the side for the next 14mths at least.


Five Tests is a long time.


Leadership mate, we’ve got bugger all. You drop Paine and who’s captaining the side? It ain’t gonna be Trav Head and they’d be loathed to give it to a Bowler (Cummins). He’d have to have a nightmarish tour where he averages 10 and drops everything that comes his way for them to drop him.


If he averages ten he won’t play another series.


pretty much what I just said. He’d have to have a complete nightmare to get dropped. Far more likely one of his fingers gets busted yet again in reality!