Cricket Part III


It’s half what you said, sure.


Paine will probably be retired by then. Smith may not captain again. I won’t call it for fear of clucking in the yard.

Plus who knows. One thing I will call is paines a better captain than smith. Or anyone else about.


I am not sure he will continue after the Ashes, whether good, decent or bad.


David Saker has just been sacked as bowling coach. Effective immediately. Not announced yet but will be shortly.



had a role in the sandpaper and it’s only uncovered now? just guessing. sue me.


I wonder if this is on the back of yet another injury?


Paine had a poor test and FC record but that didn’t stop him getting games. You need to reward players who are showing good form, especially if there isn’t someone keeping them out of their spot.


Who got injured?

Surely more to the Saker story? Our bowling has been great (could have had better plans to some batsmen I guess) but to sack the bowling coach before the batting coach?





Might be more to do with just being a general ■■■■ of a bloke.


Starc is missing the Indian limited overs tour with an “upper body injury”. Guessing a side strain which ain’t ideal.


Just a half chance here, half chance there.
Not saying he’s bad. He’s pretty good.
He’s in the top handful of keepers in the country no doubt. But there’s not much to split them.

I completely reject the thought that no-one else in the country is on his level.


Starc has gone down on the back of Hazlewood going down.


It’s being mooted there was some animosity over a “robust” discussion in review of the quicks’ performances in the Melbourne Test.


How much of the injury burden is attributable to the coaches? Surely coaches are there for technical advice and game plans, not training loads and injury management. There are sport scientists, doctors and physios who are employed to take care of that.


Press release saying he’s “resigned”.

Troy Cooley to take over for the upcoming tour.


I don’t know, I was just asking if that was the reason.


Definitely less to do with injuries and more to do with being an ego-maniacal ■■■■ of a human.



that’ll do it, yep.


I’m just generally curious. Not asking for a validation of your statement or anything like that.