Cricket Part III


Paine is not a scratch on Smith as skipper.
His field placings and bowling changes were horrid for long stints of the Indian series.
At the moment he is the best we have though


Saker’s been a sensational dude every time i’ve met him.
It’s interesting how chinese whispers works in the cricketing world.


Saker is the tamperiest ball tampererer that ever tampered.

My man inside CA (who gave me the news) says that the scuttlebutt inside CA is that the sacking (yes sacking) is tampering related


Weirdly long time coming, then.
And not so well disguised.


Obviously fortunate enough not to play along side him at Donvale then.


Can we just give Dizzy the money he wants and be done with it. He could also give some batting tips to a few of our batsmen.


It’s actually the best time to do it if you wanted to disguise it.

Sack him at the time - everyone realises there is a systemic issue, and that SA wasn’t a one off, as they kept trying to assert.

Quietly move him on months later - you have far more plausible deniability.


Remember how the Donvale first XI bowlers went from a bunch of sh/t kickers to swinging it sideways and winning flags? Isn’t that funny


The ones he was mates with and could remember their names you mean?

Yeah, i remember those blokes.


Given the complete lack of movement, particularly reverse swing this summer, I’d imagine he’d already been given the tap on the shoulder


We get it. He ■■■■ in your wheaties.


If you want to play it down then you tell him to find another job.
I have no doubt that CA are arrogant flogs who don’t care, though.


Can we ■■■■■■■ not.

If there’s one bowling coach in the country you write a blank check for it’s not the bogan from #Shitadelaide.

Rhino o Rhino, where art thou o Rhino?!


Harris would also be great, how much coaching experience does he have in England?


You know it’s funny, I never ever had a personal run in with him. Pretty happy for that to be honest.


Not sure he’s got much coaching experience over there. Maybe an A tour at best. Currently with the centre of excellence. Plenty of experience knocking over English batsmen though. And being actual ■■■■■■■ legend of a human.


Why not? Very successful coach in England.


Bit of a whack job though, don’t you reckon?


And another bogan from Shitadelaide as you put it lol.
Ryan is a top shelf bloke though and has spent plenty of time at our club with volunteer coaching work as his brothers and cousins played for us at the time he was playing district and trying to break into the SA side


He actually isn’t.
He is a bit alternative but is a wonderful person and coach