Cricket Part III


MMarsh can’t compete with Stoinis with the ball.


22 wickets in 24 games, avg 43 and econ 6.0 for Stoinis
44 wickets in 53 games, at avg 35 and 5.5 for MMarsh

Lies, damned lies…


Yeah I think that is the most likely scenario also.

I honestly don’t know why they’re even taking Khawaja, given how much he stinks against spin. SMarsh and Handscomb certainly make sense given their form and ability against the turning ball more broadly.


I wouldn’t take Khawaja based solely on his fielding.


I think Marsh is a better option across the entire innings but Stoinis is definitely a better option at the death. Trouble is in 50 over cricket you can’t just pick a bloke to bowl at the death, Andrew Tye agrees.

The conditions definitely play a part here though I believe. Specifically that you definitely wouldn’t play both Stoinis and MMarsh in the same team in the subcontinent but there’s still some chance they’d pick them both for the WC if Marsh’s form to close out the shield season is good enough.

Personally, I still think the selectors are really struggling to nail down a squad for the WC. We should be settling on a preferred ~13-15 blokes with a couple around the edges that are up for grabs. But it feels like the whole lot is a lot more uncertain save for a handful of names!

Anyone else get that vibe?


Whilst MM has a better FC record he is also a proven failure at test level

Stoinis might well actually step up if given opportunity. Should have really been played in the SriLankan series.


If Maxwell bats at eight, then where the hell do you want MMarsh to bat?



For Western Australia


Hypothesising for the WC and dependent on Short’s form which is something of a wildcard I think. And I would note that this probably isn’t a particularly likely side.


Only way of fitting them (Stoinis & MMarsh) both in and leaves the bowling light on. But this world cup is gonna be about taking a heap of wickets or a heap of runs. Nothing in between is going to win matches IMO. Highly unlikely to win makes defending 6/280 so you either load one way or the other.


Are you talking about his batting or his bowling?


Dear SMJ,

Can you ask your man inside CA to blow the farking place and all the fatcat-responsibility-dodging-incompetent-exec-farkers skyhigh?

Yours sincerely

S. F. Ewok


Whilst none of our all rounders are good enough to be considered for test cricket, I think they are ideally suited to ODIs and the next world cup. Subject to form & fitness I’d go with



Who’s captaining that side, given Smith is ineligible and you’ve dropped the current captain? You’ve also left out Starc, who form aside this summer is still absolutely our best ODI bowler.

Don’t disagree with the balance though, Short’s wrist spin through the middle overs is helpful. I can see us needing minimum 20 overs of spin through the middle overs of a WC game.


I’d rather play a extra bowler, drop Mitch Marsh and trust Cummins & Boyce to make more runs than he could anyway.
I agree with the rest.


Smith may be a fine batsman, but was a bad, weak captain. He will never captain Australia again.


Looks like SMJ may be right about Saker - Too think you would believe three people in a team would be involved in ball tampering is ludicrous, when in fact it’s part of every teams strategy.




Yeh I keep forgetting the team needs a captain not called Smith. I’d appoint one of the young guys but it could be SMarsh, as we can’t knock his ODI form.
But where the selectors need to change is that if a batsman is out of form then the Australian team is not the place to rediscover it ie we need to pick 11 players who are in form.
Shaun Marsh tends to have long runs of outs and they keep picking him given his talent. I’m not sure how big the squad is but the best in form 11 need to play and whoever the captain is will need help from Smith & co.


S Marsh struggles to understand his own batting let alone how to captain a team. No way should he be skipper of an Australian team.