Cricket Part III


The last two matches i have watched of the Hurricanes, the comms have gone with a call that Meredith is a great young bowler. Then in both times he has gone for a massive amount of runs and bowled horrible overs. In this first over of the Renegades Meredith has gone for 23 runs and I think 3 NB and 1 WD.


But boy was he quick


classic Brett Lee


him and archer in tandem are magic.


He’s bowled some of the worst rubbish you can imagine tonight.

Got Christian on a glove down leg side. He misses it…it’s yet another wide.


Archer or Meredith




Everyone can stay at my house for the final


Quick for sure but not a heap of control and doesn’t move it. Billy Stanlake theory. He’s been pretty ordinary all tournament in fact.


He shows a bit but he had a mass explosion last night.

1 season of shield.

Short on maturity.
Patience required.


Wow. Young fast bowler lacking control.
Who’s a thunk it


He’s pretty bad but it’s not so much the lack of control that’s the biggest issue. He doesn’t really do enough with it to make for the lack of control from what I’ve seen. Like Stanlake, he’s pretty straight and these days it doesn’t really matter how quick you bowl, if you bowl straight you’ll go the distance.
See if he can develop though, 1st point of call is to stop running in from ■■■■■■ Mid off!


I watched him do a bit with it in one shield game v the Vics. So he can. Don’t think it’s there consistently enough. Again…22yo… not the finished article.


That’s encouraging. You’d think with that angled run up he’d be tailor made to take the ball away from the right hander. Fingers crossed he develops cause the kid’s sure got some wheels!



Kid just needs a quiet few years as a 3rd seamer in shield, developing the consistency with a bit less pressure.


yeah bowling up front in T20 is slaughter on a young bloke who lacks for a bit of control. Huge pressure.


He’ll take a few in the final.


I don’t mind him and wasn’t really having a go at him, more the stupid comms like Lee who talk people up way, way too soon. Sure he has some promise but let’s give him some time to develop first.


Brett Lee commentates like he bowled.